Friday 14 May 2010

The Lure of the GWP

Back track a week and there I was at the Estee Lauder counter having a look at the mascara’s and I couldn’t help but notice the many GWP signs dotted around. To think it could all be mine if I purchased one more thing, I then saw that they had the summer collection out. In an “I must get free items” haze I picked up a liquid shadow and crystal lipstick (you’ll note I didn’t get a mascara which I went in for). Feeling rather victorious with my purchase (the GWP included a mini mascara so it must have been meant to be) I headed to Boots to pick up my lunch, I thought I may as well pick up a sunscreen for my husband and then noticed there was a No7 GWP on. I only had to buy three products, cunning idea, I could get my husband the No7 Facial protect SPF50 sunscreen and then I was down to only needing two more items. I remembered seeing the new hot cloth cleanser raved about on a few blogs and I knew the new nail polish colours had got good reviews so my 3 items were now decided.
Once home and surrounded by my goodies two thoughts occurred to me
1. I don’t think I have ever really liked an Estee Lauder product
2.I don’t think I have ever really liked a No7 product.
Perhaps this time it would be different, erm…. no. I don’t really like any of it. The liquid shadow goes on patchy/uneven, the nail polish chipped really badly in one day, the lipstick whilst a nice shade (warm pink nude) I find heavy and drying, the cleanser has broken me out, and my skin texture feels dryer than normal.

Nail polish in Queenie 60
Swatch:Bronze Goddess sand shimmer, crystal baby 301 pure colour lipstick,
If you are wondering if my glorious GWPS would save me, you can stop, as they didn’t, half of it went in the bin after the first try and the skincare I gave to my mum. Here's a picture of the GWP mascara for interest
The EL sumptuous bold volume mascara lengthen and gave thickness but was extremely clumpy and the No7 extreme length gave a bit of length and nothing else.

Clearly I have a problem, I’d like to think I won’t do this again but I said that last time…..


  1. I do this too. Love EL though. Can't stand No7 sadly!

  2. I'm like you, whenever i see a GWP i go into a strange haze where i feel i NEED to buy stuff because then i get freebies!
    However thank you, i didn't know No 7 made an SPF50 facial sunscreen and i need a high factor sunscreen everyday :)

  3. You fell for it again!! Too bad about the EL mascara, but at least I don't have to feel tempted to break my challenge :) I also bought one of those shimmers (the turquoise one of course!), but I've just thrown it in the drawer and haven't had a look at it since coming home with it...hope it doesn't go on patchy like "sand"...But I love the fact that you're featuring some nail "looks" lately, sadly my nails are in crap condition, haven't been able to wear varnish in months :(( Reminder to you: STAY AWAY FROM GWPs!!!! xx

  4. Oh, yes...the GWPitis. A very common ailment indeed. I have suffered from it for years myself. Incurable, sadly, but manageable. Personally, it seems I am totally unable to resist, especially if it involves a logo-ed makeup bag/pouch.
    You won't beat it so you might as well embrace it (and if you're lucky, sometimes enjoy it) :-)))

  5. Hi Charlie,
    Glad I'm not the only one then :)

    Hi Lillian,
    Yep, its called Anti-AgeingFacial Protect SPF 50. See now you will have an excuse to get the GWP :)

    Hello Anna,
    I'll be interested to see how you like the turquoise one, hopefully it will just be the shade I got. My nails ARE in crap condition,just cover it up with the nail polish :)

    Hello Nina,
    LOL, I like your thinking :) I just need to see GWPS from brands I actually like..

  6. Hi, Relica! I totally know what you mean about the lure of the GWP! It's like a drug! I hope you can find ways to use the items you got! :)

  7. Hi SB,

    Whats not gone in the bin, I gave to my mum, at least someone benefits from my mistakes ;)


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