Wednesday 5 January 2011

BY TERRY Blush Terrybly

Although the majority of my makeup is high-end, £50 for a blush seemed too much. Cue a £10 Spacenk N.dulge incentive and I convinced myself in a greedy makeup induced haze that £40 was ok.
The box the product comes in seems somewhat ostentatious given the size of the product. The compact is surprisingly heavy and feels robust and comes with a purple silk bag and brush.

The blush is embossed with the words “by Terry”.
The blush feels extremely silky, the finish gives a natural radiance to the skin. The colour I bought Cheek to Cheek Rose, is a delicate beige pink with a touch of peachy warmth.
I think the price is meant to be justified by the claims that the blush “models volumes, reveals youth, and replumps the natural glow”. These seem more like skincare claims rather than a colour product and I would presume you would need to wear this every day to see if these claims are true. It does seem marketed as an anti-aging product but I would think the majority of people would not seek out a blusher for its skincare qualities, rather they would be an added bonus.

I would rather have 1 of these than 3 MAC blushers, however if I compare it to my high end blushers, which don’t tend to go past £36, I do not find the texture and wear of the By Terry exceeds them. However, although its sheer, I really like the colour of this and its special enough for it to be a worthwhile indulgence for me at £40. I don’t think I would pay the full £50 though so I guess I do have a limit.
Here are the ingredients. This is meant to have a rose fragrance but I don't notice it.
Grace has really helpful descriptions of the blushers and lipsticks in the Terrybly range here


  1. You did it! You bought it! This is the one I'd get if I did. It is a lovely looking colour, but like you, I think £50 is just a bit too much for a blush; I could do it for a powder or foundation. These are a lovely texture, but I like the RBR as much at a lower price point.

    With the £10 voucher though, very hard to resist!

  2. The By Terry blushes look so amazing. I always see them at the SpaceNK by me here in the US, but they are $70 here! So I always just smile and keep walking. But the color you got looks beautiful.

  3. The packaging looks lush but I don't think I could spend that much for a blush.

  4. It looks like a very pretty shade which would get good use but again like others have said £50! I think I would only spend that if I ever owned no more then 5 blushes at a time.

  5. Hi Grace,
    Yes, my makeup resistance is pathetic ;) Did you notice the terrybly lipsticks are missing from the spaceNK site, seems odd?

    Hi Diane,
    I do wonder if they have priced themselves too high. I'm not so good with the walking away from makeup part, more walking away with makeup :)

    Hi FunnyFaceBeauty,
    I sure the price will put a lot of people off, I'll be interested to see if they add to the collection or if it disappears.

    Hello Meeta,
    I'm just glad I like it, think I would have cried if I hadn't for that price!
    Unfortunately my makeup collection seems to be about quanity and quality rather than one or the other :)

  6. It's really pretty but £50 seems a bit of stretch for a blush. As you say, I think you'd need to wear it daily to see the "skincare" benefits and who does that? ;)

    As with all things £10 off makes it that much easier take the leap. It sounds like you're pleased you bought it. I still haven't spent my £10 yet....
    Jane x

  7. It does look rather glorious, but £50. I must say though the small amount of By Terry I have bought I have been hugely impressed with the quality, the lip glosses both colour subtley and moisturise deeply which in itself is a rarity in my experience. I will be interested to see how you get on with this. Jan x

  8. Hi Jane,
    Sure I read somewhere that its only 3 months from when you receive them that lose N.dulge things last for? You might like the BY TERRY Touche Veloutee or a Chantecaille lip chic, see I can spend your money for you easily ;)

    Hi Jan,
    It is a lovely brand, but some of their items are a bit too steep price wise for me, their new Rouge Terrybly lipsticks are really nice though, have one and plan on getting another :)


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