Wednesday 26 January 2011

Guerlain Sur Mes Levres Spring 2011

Part of the Spring collection, the Rue de Rivoli palette (£52.50) includes six eye shadows with varying finishes (Satin, Matte, iridescent and frost).

The colours are: Slightly frosty highlighting white, matte neutral toned subtle brown, sheer greyed mauve, iridescent golden pink/peach, iridescent charcoal/grey with a violet tone and bright fuchsia pink.
All the colours feel smooth and blend nicely. The first few times I used this I wasn’t entirely pleased with the looks I came up with using all 6 colours, indeed I feel the palette works better when you don’t use all the colours together.
I think that the colour placement is not straight forward, however its a lot of fun playing around with different combos and laying the shades to create different looks.
Here is a simple, subtle look:
The packaging is sturdy and heavy, it has a very good sized mirror and a little two sided brush. I still find the eyeshadow protector lid incredibly difficult to open, in the store when the SA was checking if it was the right palette, she couldn’t open it either.

I also bought two of the Rouge G lipsticks (£28.50 each). Both lipsticks have a lush glossy sheen. Rose Desir is a light shimmery pink with a hint of warmth and Fuchsia Delice is a very cool tone pink with a touch of brightness and very faint shimmer.
They feel creamy and very comfortable on. The casing is black this time rather than the normal silver. Although a lot of people like the design of the Rouge G’s I actually find them too bulky and a bit awkward, and although I highly rate the formula I do not buy as many as I would were they in a more slim lined packaging.

Swatched below L-R: Fuchsia Delice, Rose Desir

I did swatch the Blush G but as I was not able to check out the ingredients I wasn’t prepared to take a chance incase it contained corn/rice starch which usually make me itch. It was however a very pretty coral pink, perhaps a bit too intense/bright for me, it also was very sparkly but this may well have been an overlay.


  1. Oooh, the palette is so pretty, I can't stop looking at it! The entire collection is a beauty, but a tad cool for me. Still, I'm debating the Meteorites compact...totally irresistible!
    Nina x

  2. I have 2 of these palettes from last season and I too struggled with the inner lid. I've found that if I don't close the inner lid/mirror fully, then the outer casing will close with the inner lid slightly undone. It's saved me breaking many a fingernail! Hope this helps!

  3. Rose Desir looks like a very pretty and delicate shade, I like the warm tone in this. I have some of the Terracotta products from Guerlain which I like but have yet to try some of the other colour products. Lots of makeup to explore this year!

  4. You did a nice job with this application! I'm not sure the colors would work on me, so I wondered how someone would use it. Lovely! I already have Rue de Passy (love it) and I've ordered Place Vendome. If it works for me, I'll have to stop collecting!
    I like the look of the Fuschia lipstick, also delicate, but not too bold.

  5. The opening is such a fiddle. I tend to prize mine open from the top corner rather than where the little handle is.

    Thank you as always, the look you created is lovely. This is one that I will definitely be getting, though I will admit that I am unlikely to use the fuchsia. I think it would look all kinds of wrong on me! I'm thinking of getting one of the single eyeshadows too. I don't anticipate getting anything else. The lipsticks, thought pretty, don't really grab me and I think the blush would look like sunburn on me. I'm struggling to wait for the weekend to get it, I have suggested the possibility of a quick trip to Debenhams this evening but it fell on deaf ears.

    Are you planning to get anything from Selfridges with the free delivery this weekend? I went to browse Le Metier but it wasn't there. I've heard back from LMdB that they're in discussions with Selfridges about the products available online and it will return. I really hope it reappear.
    Jane x

  6. Miss you, miss blogging...will definitely get the Rouge Gs! It's my birthday in less than a month ;) !! xxx

  7. Hi Nina,
    I wanted to get the lighter Meteorites compact but there was some ingredients that wouldn't have suited my skin. I would if the blush would suit your skintone, everyone seems to be raving about it?

    Hi Liz,
    Thank you!!! did that last night and all was good, from now on that is the way I will go :)

    Hi Meeta,
    It is lovely. I know what you mean, I like so many more spring collections this year compared to last year, Armani's one looks really pretty and stands out a bit so I think that will be my next buy as soon as it hits Selfridges online ;)

    Hi Joolz,
    Thanks :)
    The Fuschia lipstick is so much nicer than I had thought it would be as it does look a bit scary in the tube! I had wondered about Rue de Passy as Jane has done some really nice looks with it but I wasn't sure if there were limited edition.

    Hi Jane,
    Thank you, well I am still working with the fuchsia shadow, I think layering the light iridescent shade over it maybe the way to go!
    So funny that you say about Le Metier as I checked Selfridges yesterday to get the price of the lip kit as I am posting about that soon and was floored when I couldn't find them at all, I'll not panic though if they are meant to be coming back although seems a bit odd still ? I don't think I'll get anything from Selfridges this weekend unless of course they add anything new, hey you could get that Armani eyes to kill shadow... x

    Hi Anna,
    Are you ok, its been ages since I have heard from you? Well you will have to ask for lots of lovely new makeup for your birthday then, I hope you get a nice cake! take care xx

  8. For any UK folks who are interested in the palette or blush they are both available online @ Debenhams. Use code PU4P for 10% discount on selected beauty when you checkout, free delivery over £30 at the moment too. I bought the palette for £47.25 including shipping - happy days!

  9. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for that,I think I may need to have a look at Debenhams ;)

  10. Hi lovely ,
    You have a Stylish Blogger Awards
    check it out


  11. Hi Shaimaa,
    Thanks so much, off to have a look :)

  12. Got my palette yesterday. the fushia is beautiful as a lid colour if layered over or under the iridescent golden pink/peach, matte brown in the crease, darkest liner shade in the outer V. I use MAC vapour as a brow highlight. Black liquid liner and black mascara to complete. PPP, lighter than NW15, blue eyes blonde hair

  13. Rose Desir looks gorgeous.. and very wearable.

    I can't really wear pinks that are too cool toned because it brings out the yellow in my skin so the Fuschia one is probably out.

  14. Hi Liz,
    That look sounds lovely, I will have to try it very soon, thanks for the suggestion as I was somewhat unsure about the fushia, you sound like you have the exact same colourings as me so hopefully the look should work.

    Hello Jen,
    I do think its worth you having a look at Rose Desir, seems to go with any makeup look as well.


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