Wednesday 12 January 2011

Dior Spring 2011 Gris Gris Palette and Rouge Dior Mitzah Lilac

Predominately a collection of cool toned greys, silvers and soft pinks, Dior spring has an overall delicate look to it, with softly smoked accents.
I bought the quad in Gris-Gris 034 (£39). It contains a sheer frosty white with a very subtle blue tone, cool satin finish medium grey, frosty sheer white, shimmery pewter grey and charcoal with micro glitter.
I’m not a fan of a frost finish so I do have to apply those ones with a light hand. The colour graduation is quite close which I like, as the shades appear to blend with one another on application.
Swatches below: On left is Rouge Dior shade Mitzah Lilac.
I’ve used all the shades below to give you an idea but normally I would go lighter on the frosty white shades.
The pigmentation and wear of the shadows is very good and you barely need to blend them.

I also bought the Rouge Dior in shade Mitzah Lilac 264 (£22). Although the Rouge Dior formula is not one of my favourite (as I find it a bit drying), I couldn’t resist this cool toned delicate pink with a touch of lilac.
Part of the Spring display it wasn’t until I got home that I realised this was an existing shade rather than a new one. However its very suited to the collection and pairs really well with the Gris Gris quad.
You may well have similar colours, but for those who like their cool tones the collection is worth checking out, I did notice on swatching that out of the 4 eye palettes on offer the 2 Cannage ones did not have as good colour payoff and the feel was less smooth.


  1. Dear Replica....
    Why oh why do you post such loveliness on here? I am trying sooooo dang hard to resist this and your post is KILLING ME! I love, love, love this on you! Oh dear, what to do....
    x jeanie

  2. That looks beautiful, you really have such amazing skill with eyeshadows. On me that would have been a frosty nightmare. It was the white frost shades that turned me off as they make me look very 'drag act'! I lipstick looks very pretty too.
    Jane x

  3. I have to second Jane's comment all the way through really - there is a deftness to your application that I can only spit with envy at, your lids look like burnished pewter, amazing. Thanks so much for this. Jan x

  4. Hi Jeanie,
    I'm cruel aren't I ;) I have no resistence so can't help, went to LOOK at that new Chanel aqua foundation today and somehow bought it! x

    Hi Jane,
    I know what you mean by the 'drag act' look, Dior seem to have a fondness for frosty whites which I cannot understand as I think its really hard to wear. Thanks for your nice words, but really I don't have skills! x

    Hello Jan,
    LOL, thank you for you kind words, they blend into each other so well so think its more the shadows than my application ;) x

  5. That is a really lovely eyeshadow palette!!!
    And while the swatches don't look that impressive, it's a whole other story when I saw it on your eyes, really beautiful look, well done!!!

    Oh boy, I think that my high-end wishlist has become a bit too long for my wallet, lol!


  6. Hi Tina,
    Thanks, I've not been too impressed with a lot of Dior but I do really like this quad.
    I know what you mean about affording it all, there are so many other Spring collections I want stuff from, I just can't seem to get my wish list down though! :)


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