Sunday 16 January 2011

Le Métier de Beauté Peau Vierge Complexion Corrector

This is essentially a review of unparalleled performance against 2 fundamental disadvantages which prevent me from using the product to its full potential.
The product cost me £65 and comes in a compact silver twist up stick (2.3 grams). The product claims to “stimulate collagen production, increases blood flow, lessens dark circles, smooth fine lines, blurs blemishes and tightens pores within a week of once–daily use”. It contains Retinol, to “smooth and plump wrinkles from deep below the skin's surface, stimulating collagen cell rejuvenation and bringing elasticity back to skin”. The Syntoc Actif delivery technology is meant to deliver actives more efficiently and effectively, so the Retinol penetrates the deepest layer of the skin.
I bought this to use an an under eye concealer rather than face concealer as it contains sodium chloride (which is my number one ingredient for causing me acne). I have been using this at least 5 days a week for nearly a month and although I would not say my dark circles are lighter I would say the area looks a bit smoother. This product has a beautiful creamy but not slippery texture, it does not apply dry, does not highlight lines and lasts well.
There is one major problem for me, and that is the colour.The corrector comes in two shades, I choose the lighter one and it is about two shades too dark for my under eye area. It makes it difficult to access its coverage but I would say its medium but buildable. To make it wearable I have to blend in my By Terry to lighten it and this may well have reduced the effects I would see if using the product alone.
Here are swatches, my wrist is a bit lighter than my face but I think you can see that it would be too dark, I've put it against two of my other concealers to compare. L-R: MAC Pro Longwear Concealer NW15, Le Metier Peau Vierge complexion corrector Frais, Edward Bess Platinum Concealer Ivory Nude.
As I was so impressed with the texture I did the one thing an acne sufferer should never do and that's use a product containing one of your trigger ingredients on an area you are prone to breaking out (this for me is everywhere but my under eye area unfortunately). I started using it on the area between my eyebrows, and then ventured onto my forehead, with careful application and blending the colour was just about wearable as long as I balanced out the rest of my face.
This is the best concealer I have used on my face, pores are a major issue for me but this concealer cancels them out, the coverage is almost flawless, yet natural. Furthermore it improved the texture, the area looked smoother and the pores less noticeable. I think I could have cried when I started breaking out, it was inevitable but I really didn’t want to give this up as the effects were so good. If it wasn’t for the salt and colour I would be putting this over my entire face!
Here are the ingredients:
It seems somewhat conflicting to be recommending a product that has these two drawbacks, but I think the majority of people do not have the same reaction to salt as I do and are not as pale as me. I am starting to see more reviews where people are impressed by the Peau Vierge range so I really hope they expand on the colour selection as I would definitely re-buy this for my eye area if it came in a lighter shade.
I bought this from Selfridges.


  1. Oh no, what a complete pain in the neck. I had this applied at the counter in Selfridges as you know and I really liked it. The texture is lovely to apply and wear. I had one in a shade that was too dark for me and was gutted that I couldn't use it myself. I'm so sorry it didn't work out for you. We'll have to hope that they expand the range of shades. I think their regular concealer only comes in three shades.

    Does the PV tinted moisturiser contain salt as well? x

  2. It does seem very dark for you. I don't really understand why they would produce only two colours in this range; it can't be merely a financial decision, surely? I also hope they expand the range of shades.

    Incidentally, I have a similar skin tone and skin sensitivity/acne problem.

  3. It is a shame about the colour selection and your reaction as it sounds like a good (but very pricey) product. I may take a look at this next time I am at Selfridges as I find it tricky to find an under-eye concealer I like.

  4. I am always so frustrated about limited shades, it is either light medium or dark which in reality means light peach, medium peach and dark peach with a spot of random yellow thrown in somewhere along the line. I like the look of this hugely and you have given an extremely balanced and honest review. Thankyou. Jan x

  5. Hi Jane,
    Yeah the PV tinted moisturiser has salt as well. I wonder if the lightest shade of their Flawless Finish concealer would be any better, if you happen to go to their counter at any point could you let me know your thoughts as to whether it would be light enough please? x

    Hello Simone,
    I'm not sure why the limited shade range, really hope they expand it. Glad to find someone with similar skin, may I ask what foundations and concealers you are using?

    Hi Meeta,
    Yes it is really good, might be worth seeing if someone can apply some on you when you next go to their counter, I'll be interested to know your thoughts on it.

    Hi Jan,
    Thanks :) I know what you mean about peach/yellow tones, unfortunately that is how my new Chanel foundation has turned out, not a good look!!

  6. Absolutely, no problem at all. What a pain about the Chanel not being a good match. Will it cheer you up if I tell you my hair has gone almost black again? I'm sure you can imagine my face when I looked in the mirror!

  7. Thanks Jane. Well I guess it cheers me up slightly...only joking, perhaps it will fade quickly, although I would have thought it would suit you?

  8. I can work with it but I think it requires more work with make up for it not to look so stark. Which, to be fair given my collection, isn't such a big deal ;)


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