Friday 28 January 2011

Le Métier de Beauté : Artistes Lip Kaleidoscope

Perseverance pays off, after going on about my “need” for another Kaleidoscope my mother bought me one for Christmas.
Its from the Le Cirque Fall 2010 collection and is called Les Artistes. Bought from Selfridges, I think it cost £66, Le Metier has momentarily disappeared from the Selfridges website so I can’t give you the exact price (initially I was horrified but my makeup buddy has told me they will be back there soon).

The silver, mirrored palette contains three glosses and one lipstick. You can wear alone or layer the shades to create your own custom look. I find all the shades are neutral and extremely flattering.

Although I am not a fan of glosses, Le Metiers are one of my favourites due to the colours and a lightweight texture that is barely sticky/tacky. Their lipsticks have great pigmentation and last extremely well.
The shades are top to bottom: beige nude gloss, peach nude gloss
Shimmery peach with a touch of pink lipstick, and sheer golden shimmered red gloss.
What ever pictures I could show you will ultimately be a disservice because I cannot capture the effect that the layering brings. You would think that layering 4 shades would give a heavy look but they seem to meld with one another and still manage to feel lightweight.
Swatches L-R are the colours from top to base, I did one swipe for each colour.
The colours layered, started from top to base
This is so much more than I thought it would be, the colours have a beautiful luminosity, the look is delicate and fresh and I feel that bit better about my look when I wear this.


  1. I think you had it sold to me when you said *luminosity* and *delicate* - it is something that I strive for in my makeup and rarely achieve. I am not sure if it is lack of application or wrong choice of colours, but I am drawn to these shades which have a warmer hue than is usual for me. Thankyou. Jan x

  2. I am not overly keen on lip products in palette form but this does look very pretty and the packaging is fun and different to standard palettes. I like the look of the 3rd shade and also the combined look.

  3. I totally agree that contrary to what you would expect when layering 4 colours, it actually feels light and doesn't look in the least bit overdone. The swatches look very pretty too.

    I really hope they're not missing from the website too long. I am so gutted they're not available during the free delivery period as I quite fancied getting Echo blush.

    Jane x

  4. Beautiful! I played around a bit with it on Thursday at Selfridge's and loved the way it felt and looked; the price though, and the lack of portability stopped me...for now :-)))
    Nina x

  5. Hi Jan,
    I could do with a bit of luminosity to my skin! I like this a lot more than I thought I would, I can see myself finishing this off which is a novelty given the amount of stuff I have x

    Hi Meeta,
    I know what you mean, I do like to be able to take something in my bag incase I need to reapply during the day, its a shame that these shades don't seem to be in their regular line up.

    Hi Jane,
    I really want Echo as well, do you know if they are putting out a spring collection, I know we didn't get that lovely winter eye Kaleidoscope here and don't think I have heard anything about what they are bringing out?

    Hi Nina,
    There are certain brands where I make an exception for price :)
    Mind you after your mammoth shopping spree in your comment to Jane's post you probably are runnning out of space for all your lovely makeup ;) x

  6. I love the look of these palettes. I saw them for the first time on youtube the other day and couldn't believe how chic they looked. Definitely going to check this one out. Thanks for sharing.

  7. oh wow they look beautiful. I love the final layered effect as well.

  8. Hi Alicia,
    They do look very swish I have to say, of course now I want more ;)

    Hi Jen,
    The layered effect is very unique, I think these will be really nice colours for spring.

  9. Hi, I find it ironic that you live where LMdB is no longer available and your site is the one I most frequent for accurate swatches. I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how helpful your posts have been to me, thanks!

  10. Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    Thank you so much, thats so nice to hear! I am really hoping they return to the UK, I think they want to but I imagine it will likely be an online site, at any rate I'll keep the hope and keep adding to my Le Metier wish list ;)


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