Wednesday 29 June 2011

Burberry Lip Mist No.9 Feather Pink

Packaged the same as their lip covers, the lip mists are Burberry's new sheerer formula. I’d say the lip mist feels lighter and less creamy that the lip covers, however it feels more moisturising. It feels and applies smooth and wear is average.
Feather pink (£23) is a delicate carnation pink, I’d say the pigment is medium rather than sheer. The finish is a dewy glow.
Even though I don't tend to get on with straight up pinks, I find this extremely pretty and easy to wear. I prefer this formula to the lip covers and will be picking up some more.

Check out this great review from naturalnchicmakeup, which is extremely helpful for those of us who order sight unseen

Here are the ingredients, this lipstick is scented but it doesn’t smell as strong as the lip covers I have.
I bought this from


  1. That is such a pretty pink. And the packaging is so nice..
    I think I would end up liking the Burbery Lip Mists because I like moisturising lip products.
    Thanks for sharing xo

  2. Great review and swatches. Thank you for the link. I'm so glad you're liking the new lip mist formulas. I have been head over heels with the 3 I picked up so far. I hope they release more warm tone shades soon!

  3. I have to say, I'm really glad the Burberry line isn't readily available where I live or I'd be in a lot of trouble. This is a lovely color!

    Thanks for the review!

  4. So lovely! Really wanting a burberry lippie. The shade looks fab

  5. Hi PopBlush,
    It is really comfortable to wear, I wished I'd ordered some of the other shades as well at the same time really :)

    Hi Kristie,
    Thanks, you post has helped me decide on the next shades I'll be getting ;)

    Hi Shannon,
    LOL, still Harrods postage costs do curtail my Burberry spending somewhat :)

    Hello Vintage Makeup,
    It is a lovely formula, I've got my eye on two more already ;)


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