Sunday 5 June 2011

Dior 5 Couleurs Lift: Lifting ivory

Dior have recently released a new style quint called 5-Couleurs Lift. Essentially its a palette to create an eye lifting/brightening effect. The shadows are meant to be a “new generation of luminous pigments and eye-care serum powders, revitalizing, radiance-boosting, treatment-based shadows”.

Available in 4 harmonies I bought Lifting ivory (£41).

It contains a sheer iridescence peachy pink. A sheer white, with a bit of sparkle. A dark brown cream liner/brow colour. A brown/taupe with a slight rose/mauve tone, the finish is more of a gleam than shimmer. It really is beautiful.
The powder shades are buttery soft, blend seamlessly and last well. The liner/brow colour has a rather dry texture so as a liner I mix some water with it to get it to apply smooth. The pigment is very adjustable and with a slight touch I was able to use this on my brows as well. This wears supremely well

Lastly we have the centre cream eye base. This is probably the fundamentally part of the palette as its meant to be lifting and smoothing due to being “infused with skin-care ingredients" and its also meant to correct and even the eyelid.
It has a lot of slip to it and goes on a very sheer ivory with tiny sparkles. The texture is smooth however I do not find it evens my lids as I can still see discolouration showing through. It subtly highlights, however as an eye base its creases and has a negative effect on my shadows wear and pigment.
Here are the swatches (two swipes each).
L-R (as per the numbers of the overlay shown in the picture above) 2, 4, 3, 1, 5
I've used all the colours together shown below, including the centre shade as the eye base. Although I feel the shadows have more pigment and blend better without the base, I wanted to show you the full effect.

This palette does give a subtle lift effect and does brighten without giving a harsh/stark look often associated with highlighter type shadows. However, I do not feel it smooths the area more so than other brands.
I guess my opinion is somewhat mixed, as whilst I really like the colours, quality and overall effect of 4 of the shades, not being able to get the centre shade to work for me makes me feel like I'm not getting the full results I should be.

I bought this from Boots.


  1. Great review. Sounds like this one might be a pass for me. I have a big problem with creasing unless I wear a primer so if that doesn't work well then I am not too sure about it. The colors are pretty though and look nice on you!

  2. Gorgeous! I have not seen this before. That cream liner looks like it might have a lot of grey in it, which would be a definite plus for me, as most of Dior's browns are on the golden side. Would you say it's a cool brown? The quint looks great on you.

  3. I was curious about this set, so I'm glad you posted! I guess it is a tall order to achieve a true eye lift from just a quint, but it does look quite pretty and natural on you=)

  4. You are killing me :))
    These are firmly on my list, although I'm disappointed to read about the eye base shade. I've seen pics of all the palettes and quite a few swatches, and the colours appeal a lot to me. I'm trying to rationalise the base inefficiency by planning to use it on its own on those days when a slick of mascara is all I have time for in terms of eye makeup (hey, I'm doing my very best here, humour me lol).
    Have a great week hon!
    Nina x

  5. That is GORGEOUS! Like Nina, you are KILLING ME! I'm saving for Chanel Fall so I have to be good but this so tempting. Once again your blending skills are stellar xx

  6. I audibly gasped when I opened your window, how gorgeous are those colors? I've never seen this before either, but those are sooo my colors. I need to practice restraint and not track this down. ;)

  7. now that's what I call marketing, 5 colors lift, they just have to keep upping the game!

  8. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I like your Eeeeep ;) Thank you.

    Hi productdoctor,
    Thanks :) I do find the shadow and liner shades wear really well. I tend to always wear primer now as well.

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you. I would say its a cool toned brown, like you I think Dior often brings out warm browns so this makes a nice change and I think works really well with the shadow shades :)

    Hi Dovey,
    Thanks :) I know what you mean, I'm glad it does make a bit of difference.

    Hi Nina,
    LOL, I am of the same mind set as I am thinking about getting the grey one but thinking would I pay £41 for 4 shadows if I ignore the base, I'm sure you know the answer to that ;) x

    Hi Jeanie,
    ;) Thank you! Chanel fall is going to make my wallet cry, althought it doesn't come out here till 18th August I believe so gives me planning time ;) x

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    Ha,Ha, thats the sort of thing I do when I see a pretty palette. We just need a Dior sale don't we :)

    Hi Barbara,
    Your right there, I think the name is going to pique a lot of peoples interest ;)

  9. I was interested in this but after swatching them, I wasn't sure. It looks lovely on you but I can tell from your review that the eye base would be a fright on me! This will have to be a pass I think. The 'lift' idea in an eye palette though is still very appealing!

    PS. The lip colour you asked about was RBR Coy lipgloss. I must get round to replying properly but didn't want to leave you hanging ;)


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