Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Misia

I have often craved a summery tangerine lip look. This is a challenge on my very pale and cool toned skin. Enter Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Misia (£23).

Its a medium tangerine with a bit of brightness and very subtle silver shimmer.
Its not too warm/orange, there is a neutral balance and the sheerness of pigment combined with the crispness of the colour creates a wearable warm lip.
I really like the lightweight formula,the shade range and finish of the Coco Shines. Once I have bought the other shades I want I'll do a post with photos and swatches of them all together.

I bought this from Boots.


  1. Can't wait to see them all together! The formula sounds fabulous :)

  2. Pretty color, I don't think i tried that one when I was at the counter.

  3. Hahhah! What a coincidence!! I just got this on Saturday!!! :) My lips are kind of purple in tone so the orange comes out quite different from the tube, not garish like I feared. Yay for collecting more Rouge Cocos!! :P

  4. I am looking forward to seeing them all. I also always want a corally orangey lip this time of year. I make do with Make Up For Ever Fascinating Lip Gloss in Pearl Indian Pink (which is really tangerine with purple and red shimmer), but I'd prefer to find a lipstick. Oh, wait! I just did (Bobbi Brown Sweet Nectar), lol. How quickly the fickle forget.

  5. That is lovely, I think the sheerness of the Coco Shines makes it much easier to wear bright or daring colours. I really look forward to your post of all the colours together. It will join the ranks of your RBR eyeshadow and lipstick post as my secret online viewing pleasures!!!
    Jane x

  6. I love Misia! It's one of very few RC Shines I ended up keeping. I just wish it wore a little more evenly on me.

  7. Very beautiful shade and I bet it's stunning on you! I love these lippies! I'm currently crushing on Deauville. xx

  8. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    They are very addictive ;)

    Hi PinkSparkle84,
    It looks quite bright in the tube so I am glad I took the chance on it :)

    Hi Lakshmi,
    LOL, maybe we are starting to have synchronized makeup shopping ;)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    The MUFE one sounds nice. I think after every buy I'm always moving on to what I can buy next, you remind me that I've been meaning to go back to check out the other shades of that BB formula as the one I got wasn't realy "me" :)

    Hi Jane,
    So its not just me then who stares at other peoples makeup collections adoringly ;) I think there is at least 2/3 more shades I need to get, perhaps need isn't the right word but you know what I mean x

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    I can tell its a shade that would really suit your complexion :) I think I've lucked out with the Coco shines as would say mine wear evenly, although I have heard a few people who have found discrepancies with some of them in terms of texture.

    Hello Jeanie,
    I do think I like them the more I use them. I really love Deauville, was quite a surprising one really as it looks a bit meh in the tube xx


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