Wednesday 8 June 2011

Soleil Tan de Chanel: Bronze Rose

The success of the summer release of Soleil Tan de Chanel seems unanimous. Touted as a wearable bronzer for those with pale skin I bought Bronze Rose (£32.50).

The texture feels quite smooth and its extremely long wearing. However, it does not blend seamlessly for me so I really have to buff it in to smooth away the edges. I can just about get away with this, it veers towards looking orange/muddy on me if I apply more than one application. I think because the combined colours are a rosy coral bronze it doesn’t quite sit right on my cool complexion, especially as I have quite a bit of redness to my skin. Admittedly bronzers are predominately not great on me but as I had seen this look stunning on fellow pale ladies I was hoping for the same result. The bronzer does contain micro glitter which translates as a glow, unless you get close up and then the glitter is visible.
Swatches below of single colours and then blended together,
Swatches below, all Chanel colours blended together on the left with Rouge Bunny Rouge Bronzing Glow Powder on the right to show how it differs from a more typical bronze colour.
There is one major issue for me which is why I held off reviewing this for a while so I could test it. I get blemishes appear on my temples, jawline and top of the cheeks after application. I guess we can never say with a 100% certainty what causes us to break out as there are so many different factors involved, but the fact it happens every time makes me not comfortable to recommend this to someone who has highly acne prone skin like myself.
I still feel this is a really pretty bronzer/blusher hybrid but like many things I buy it just wasn’t right for me.

I bought this from John Lewis


  1. It's too bad it wasn't right for you, I accept unloved makeup donations :) haha I'm just kidding! Surprised it didn't work for you, I've heard good things about it.

  2. What a shame you break out after using this, that's no fun! I actually like the RBR against your skin color better anyways! :)

  3. Hey! I'm sorry it didn't work for you.. have you tried using it over a primer of some sort that may prevent it being in direct contact with your skin, does that ever help? As for the colors, I feel I get a better effect if I first contour with the bronzer stripes and then go into the rose color as a blush and then blend everything.
    Have you tried Chantecaille's bronzer in Capri, that is my new favorite. I believe they have some lighter shades as well especially meant for fairer skin.

  4. how sad this beauty broke you out! i'm highly acne prone as well :(

  5. Sorry to hear it broke you out. That's always a shame for us acne-prone gals. Have you tried using MAC 187 brush with this? I find that this helps avoid going overboard with the bronzer.

  6. Bummer! I didn't care for this bronzer on me, either, but it was more for color than anything else.

  7. I absolutely love this bronzer, it's perfect for pale skin.

  8. Thanks for your review! I never remember to think of powder products as being a culprit for my break outs!

  9. Oh goodness! Reading about the potential problem makes me glad I didn't succumb to the allure of bronze rose! I have a similarly sensitive skin, especially around the cheeks, to some products. It's really frustrating sometimes. Thanks for the review, it was really helpful =)

  10. That's terrible, I'm so sorry!
    I also purchased this and it works very well for my medium skintone although I, too, have redness (and a lot of it). Mind you, it's not my favourite (mostly because of the glow) but I'll continue using it.
    BTW Lakshmi is very right to suggest Chantecaille. I've used Capri for a long time and it is still my favourite, along with the Bess 'Daydream'...can't beat them!
    Nina x

  11. I'm so sorry this didn't work out for you :-( I hope I didn't inspire you to buy a disappointment.

  12. Wow, sorry to hear this irritated your skin. I have held off on buying this product even though I have read a lot of great reviews on it. I have pale skin and couldn't decide between the pink or coral combination. I have a few bronzers I am really loving right now, maybe I should just stay with those. Thanks for the honest review!

  13. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    LOL although I think my mum has her eye firmly on this one if I have to part with it :)

    Hi Hopelessly Devoted To Makeup,
    I often break out from blushers/bronzer, shame this one was so spendy! I really like the RBR one, best bronzer I have found.

    Hi Lakshmi,
    Thats a really good idea as I'd not thought to try a primer, will give it a go. I have always liked the look of the Chantecaille one but I am pretty sure it contains corn starch which can sometimes be a problem for me and for the high cost not sure I could take that risk x

    Hi luv2smilexo,
    Its no fun being acne prone is it, I have to be careful with all my hair products as well, I hate to think of all the money I have wasted with buying things to then have them break me out.

    Hi Kristie,
    My 187 actually fell apart recently, all the hairs completly came away, guess I must have got water in the glue when washing it, that would have been a really good brush to use with it though :)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Bummer indeed ;) Yes, it wasn't quite the colour I expected.

    Hi PinkSparkle84,
    It does seem to be really popular, perhaps more so than the coral version.

    Hi productdoctor,
    No problem, when I think of it there is a load of brands powder products that cause me problems, I do seem to have very intolerant skin! :)

    Hi Dovey,
    Glad it helped :) yes for the price probably not worth the risk if you skin sounds like mine, when I think of it I can't wear their Joues Contraste either without breaking out.

    Hi Nina,
    Well you win some you lose some ;) I've commented above but I think the Chantecaille ones contained a problematic ingredient as well, otherwise I'd be all over it ;) I have wondered about the EB one you mention so might get that at some point :) x

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    I can't say that it didn't look stunnnig on you, but I had seen lots of rec's for it so would have ended up with it anyway, I'll try the primer suggestion mentioned above but if that doesn't work my mother will be more than happy to take it so it will get good use x

    Hi Diane,
    The reviews are pretty much good across the board so it always makes it more tempting, I think you would suit both the pink and coral versions really, although like you say if you are happy with what you have might be worth holding back :)

  14. Hi Replica

    That's a real shame about the breakouts! I'm really enjoying this bronzer- more than I expected to. You said the Dior was too peachy orange for you? I still have that sitting here - haven't used it yet. I need to this weekend but been so darn busy! I'm sort of interested in the RBR one. Do you have that?

  15. Hi Jeanie,
    I think the Dior one would be too peach/orange on me, I have swatched the tester quite a few times just to be sure as it looks so pretty, I'll be interested to see how you find it compares to the Chanel.
    I do how the powder RBR one, I did a guest post on Zuneta quite a while back about it, think this should link to it, its really nice
    Have a good weekend xx

  16. I fiddled with this in store and actually decided to give it miss. The Dior too. I think they look pretty but I wasn't sure if either would really look any good on me. Thanks for not making me doubt myself ;)
    Jane x

  17. Sorry this didn't work for you. Is interesting what you say about products making you break out. In the last month my forehead and temples have gone spot crazy so now I am wondering if it could be down to the makeup I am using, mainly this bronzer! I do hope not because I really love it but I have tended to put everything down to hormones in the past. I think I will try next month to keep more of a check on which products I use and where I get spots, and see if there is any correlation x

  18. Hi Jane,
    I think you made the right choice, I think I got caught up in all the hype really, as I always seem to! x

    Hi Lipstick Luvvie,
    I think its worth doing a test, I get a lot of breakouts from certain brand's powder products, I know things like Laureth 4 and sometimes Corn starch cause me problems but I'm not sure whats in this bronzer that is breaking me out, I tried it again at the weekend just down one side of my face and again got some breakouts just on that side x

  19. Oh, sorry to hear this didnt work for you!

    Tbh, as pretty as this looks, as well as the Dior Aurora one, I don't think they'd suit me either... I think we need a touch less red in our cheek products to look the most natural!


  20. Hi Tina,
    I think you are spot on there about the redness, I should really have just stuck with the two bronzers I have and am happy with, which when I think about it are a lot more brown based x


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