Wednesday 15 June 2011

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow in Mochachino & Gel Eyeliner in Coffee

Estee Lauder have recently added some new shades to their Double Wear Stay-in-Place Shadow Creme range and introduced a Double Wear Stay-in-Place Gel Eyeliner.

At the 3 counters I went to there was no sign of the limited edition shades which is a shame as I really fancied the sound of Cafe au Lait. Not one to be perturbed from buying more makeup I choose Mochachino (£15.50) from the new but permanent shades.
Its a cool toned stone taupe with a slight bit of shimmer which in some lights almost looks blue. It really is rather pretty and great for a no fuss lid shade. I much prefer the formula over Bobbi Browns which I find drying but I can't say it compares to my favourite cream eye shadows by Rouge Bunny Rouge. The formula is creamy and applies smoothly, it dries down quite quickly and it really does last. I can use this without a base and get a good 9 hours wear, after this I do get a bit of colour fade but overall I’m very impressed with its longevity.

Shadow and liner shown applied below:

Shadow Ingredients:
I bought shade Stay Coffee (£15.50) in the DoubleWear Stay-in-Place Gel Eyeliner. The colour is a very dark cool toned matte brown. The liner comes with a little brush which wasn’t suitable for my needs.
I have to say at this point that I don’t really get on with gel liners, I have tried many brands and have still not found one I am completely happy with. This has an almost cream texture rather than a gel. Its dryer than the likes of Clinique, Bobbi Brown and MAC and as a result of this it sets very quickly without much time to blend. Its attribute is that it really does not move, even when I have hayfever induced sneezing fits and my eyes are watering all over the place, it has no impact on this. I do however find the formula difficult to work with and have trouble getting a smooth line.
Liner Ingredients:

I bought these from Boots


  1. Hello! Yes these were my first experience with the stay in place shadows and they really lived up to the name for me. Paint pots crease on me like crazy so I was pleasantly surprised. I got the Cafe Au Lait but Moccahchino seemed very similar to Groundwork Paint pot by MAC, no? Since the first Cafe AU lait purchase I've gone back and gotten the pink champagne one called Pink Pearl and the purple called Smokey Plum, I really like them and work as good bases

  2. I have been using MAC paint pots as bases, but the Estee Lauder sounds nice. I have to be honest though, I will be saving my money for the RBR!Have you tried using the gel liner with a different brush? I use a smaller one by Bobbi Brown that is easy to work with.

  3. Mochachino is lovely!
    I swatched these shadows the other day and I was really impressed although in being in something of a lunch hour rush I didn't get anything. I did see Cafe au Lait and that is gorgeous too.

  4. I've wanted to try one of the Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeshadows for a while now but the price point put me off as MAC's version is cheaper and probably the same.
    The color you've bought looks lovely though so I might have to get one.

  5. Hi
    Lovely natural look on you.
    I have one of those EL shadows in a beigey pink tone and I like the wear of it but the color is a little pink but as a base it's fine. It's quite smooth and long wearing. For gel/creamy liners I use either BB liner brush or Paula Dorf's liner brush. x

  6. So I still need to get the RBR cream shadows then huh? ;-)

  7. I NEED Mochachino! I don't have a single Estee Lauder makeup item,but it might be time to change that. Is Cafe au Lait warm like Atlas Swallowtail?

  8. I really want to try the Rouge Bunny Rouge cream shadows! The color of the estee lauder cream shadow is gorgeous though :)

  9. This is a very nice neutral look on you Replica :)
    I haven't tried these at all. Somehow, I generally manage to skip the EL counter altogether when so many exciting things are on offer. Mochachino though has totally grabbed my attention. Paint Pots don't work for me an, apart from the RBR creams, the only other ones that I really like are the Shu Uemura. The Shu colour selection however is quite limited. A pity because I find their quality to be excellent.

  10. I love a good cream shadow. I haven't tried to ones from estee lauder (or RBR for that matter) yet but that color is a really lovely neutral.

  11. I like the look of both of these. I'm a sucker for dark brown liner and with watery eyes, this does sound like it would pass an endurance test. Of course, I'm intrigued by Cafe au Lait now! I love that you visited 3 counters. I'll keep my eyes peeled for it on Saturday.
    Jane x

  12. Hi Lakshmi,
    Going from memory I'm sure Groundwork was quite brown on me. I do think these Estee Lauder ones wear really well, you reminded me that my mother picked up a plummy one so guess that was Smokey Plum, I'll have to try and borrow it off her ;)

    Hello productdoctor,
    I've tried it with 4 different brushes and its still not working that well for me really, I think its either because its too dry or I lack liner application skills (most likely). I do think you "need" to pick up one of the RBR one's :)

    Hi Meeta,
    I often do makeup shopping within my lunch rush, probably accounts for my sometimes questionable purchases :) So you saw Cafe au Lait, I did get these within the first 3 days of release so maybe they have the limited edition ones now, guess I'll have to go back x

    Hi PinkSparkle84,
    Its probably ones of those things to take note of and then when Estee Lauder do a gift time then at least if you pick up two things you get something for free, or at least thats how my mind works :)

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thanks :) I don't do too well when something has too much pink in it either. I'm pretty sure I had the BB brush and didn't get on with it, mind you I am not good at applying liner straight, my hands always seem to have a slight shake to them x

    Hi PerilouslyPale,
    LOL, yes you do! x

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    I've only seen pics online of Cafe au Lait, but looks warmer, slight golden tone. I do think you will like Mochachino :)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I'm planning on getting the other RBR shadows next month so will be able to do a post which shows all the swatches together, so might help if you do get tempted to do a Zuneta order ;)

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you :) Yes, EL isn't a really grab you type of brand. Probably worth you having a look, I had a Shu one and really liked it but I can't even think where it is now, I'm sure I have heard that the shiseido ones are really good as well x

    Hi luv2smilexo,
    It is a really good everday type shade, I bet a lot of people will home in on this one out of all the colours available.

    Hi Jane,
    Well you know me, intrepid explorer of makeup :) From what Meeta says it sounds like the LE ones are out now as well, if you do see it can you let me know if you think I NEED it please x


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