Wednesday 27 November 2013

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour

What little gems these are, released this year, the collection contains a classic assortment of reds, nudes, deeper tones and a few brights.

I bought the shades, Pink Perpetue 07 (hot pink), Moment in Time 09 (classic neutral toned red) and Ebb Tide 03 (mauve grey)

The shades all have a cream, glossy finish. These are one of the longest lasting polishes I have found and they also have no detectable colour fade. After the polish is removed my nails don't feel dry/stripped (as is often the case with a lot of polishes).

I can't fault these and its all made that even more sweeter with the low price of £7.50 each (12ml bottles).
So a very short and sweet review, but I thought these worth mentioning, especially with Christmas approaching as I think these make a good quality, affordable gift.

I bought these from John Lewis


  1. Hi dear Liz,
    the Mauve Grey is really classy,

    1. The SA I spoke to said that Ebb Tide was the most popular shade :)


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