Sunday 17 November 2013

MAC Holiday: Nocturnals Lip Gloss set & Mineralize blush from the Divine Night collection

I try to avoid going into a MAC store at this time of year as I know I'll succumb to the lure of the holiday collections, of course I couldn't resist having a tiny look......

I bought the Nocturnals Lip Gloss set in Nude (£25.50).
The set contains one Dazzleglass in Phiff! (beige almost clear base with golden glitter) and three Cremesheens in Boy Bait (sheer beige), Over Indulgence (brick red) and Richly Revered (plum)

The Cremesheen is my favourite MAC gloss formula as I find its the least tacky/sticky and has a smoother application and lighter consistency. Though I am not the fan of the dazzleglass formula is does have quite a good wear time for a gloss, of course whether lingering glitter is a good thing depends on personal taste :)

The only item from the Divine Night collection that stood out to me was the Lured to Love Mineralize blush (£22). When I tried this in store it swatched as the prettiness peachy pink, not too warm and with a slight glow (though not shimmered finished).

Unfortunately once away from the in store lighting my beautiful blush is actually apricot/orange. On my pale skin and pink undertones, this doesn't work and looks unnatural. It has a smooth texture, yet slightly dry in feel and a tad powdery, though I find it blends in really well. I think the pigment level is very good but I did notice that this doesn't last as long as as a normal MAC blush.
Swatched below with two swipes and then blended,

To round up, I'd say if you have a similar skintone to me to avoid the blush, but certainty for those who can wear warmer shades and want a mineralize blush that does not have a high shine/frosty finish, Lured to Love would be a good one to try.
Although sheer is pigment, I think the lipgloss set is great value and gives you a wearable range of shades and would make a good present (but if you are anything like me then I tend to find makeup gifts I buy somehow end up in my own collection....)

I bought these from a free standing MAC store.


  1. That is a lovely blush Clare but the mineralized version always make my cheeks look too shiny. Its too bad you don't like the colour much.

    1. I hear a lot about the shiny look to them, I think this one is more of a user friendly one, the others looked very frosty :)


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