Wednesday 30 December 2009


OMBRE BLACKSTAR is only my second product from By Terry. I was intrigued after having seen this in the Space NK catalogue. Its a pen style twist cream eye shadow. It costs £25.45 and I got No.6 Frozen Quartz. The colour is a highly shimmered warm pink with a very slight copper tone, perhaps not the best colour for my cool toned pale complexion but nevertheless a beautiful colour.
Pigmentation and staying powder is superb but where I feel this excels over other similar products is how I am able to layer on a powder eyeshadow with ease. Usually I find that I get either the cream base product ball up or the powder not adhere or apply patchy, but with this is applies almost as if over a powder based product. I order a lot of brands online having not seen the colours in person so do rely on reviews and pictures on blogs and sites like MUA, however I don't see that much said about By Terry so its not a brand I have got into, I am impressed enough with these though that I will get another one ( or two) when I next place a SpaceNK order.


  1. These are very good - I really love the black one for a base for a smoky eye. I have a few By Terry bits, I should some more posts on them. Some of it is insanely expensive, but there are some excellent products that aren't too bad price-wise; I really like the single eyeshadows and the Blackstar eye pencils.

  2. Hello Grace,
    I want the black one as well after seeing the look you did with it.I'd love to see more posts from you on this brand :)

  3. Hi replica,
    i was about to buy this one few days ago but they sold out in this color.
    by terry cosmetics are great but some of them ar just way overpriced although im a fan of a high end cosmetics.


    btw i emailed you personally :)

  4. Hi Memoiselle,
    I do think these are worth the price, but your right some of their stuff it just too much and I am sure puts a lot of people off.
    Have emailed you back :)


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