Friday 18 December 2009

Illamasqua Brushes Part 3

I now own all 11 Illamasqua brushes so you could say I am a bit of a fan!
Blending brush 2 is great used for applying the powder to set your undereye concealer and for blending shadow on the lids. The head of this is rather large so bear in mind that if you have a small eye area this may not be the best.
Blusher blush 2 is one of those slanted ones that I have never been able to use properly until I realised I had been using them with the tip the wrong way round! This picks up the product extremely well and can get a lot of pigment out of sheer products (such as MAC beauty powders).
The foundation brush seems to apply things less streaky that other foundation brushes I have used and it feels very comfortable on the face.
I have also included a picture of the Highlighter brush as I think I forgot to post about this. Its great for powder and cream products.
Overall they are the best synthetic brushes I have ever tried and I am looking forward to Illamasqua expanding the range. They are mostly densely packed to allow them to apply things really pigmented but they are also really soft. I have also had no shedding.
I know their makeup is not to everyones taste but I do think its worth you having a look at the brushes, having used them a lot more now the only one I am not overly keen on is the shadow one as I think the MAC 239 applies better but my standouts are probably the blusher brush 1 and powder brush.


  1. Totally in agreement - these brushes are amazing - the highlighter brush is a great alternative to MACs 109, which a lot of people love for foundation - but it sheds like a mare. The Illamasqua one doesn't.

  2. Hi from Toronto. I loved all three posts on the Illamasqua brushes. Firstly I love the fact that they are cruelty free and at the same time so stylish. Good to hear your reviews on how they apply. I can hardly wait until we have Illamasqua in Canada. I think we are getting the line at Sephora in Fall, 2011 or so I have been told. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Anna,
    2011 seems a long way off, still by then they may have a massive range of brushes :) Glad you liked the posts.


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