Wednesday, 2 December 2009

By Terry Touche Veloutee

This is my first By Terry product; I don’t tend to hear much about the brand so tend to forget it exists. The Touche Veloutee caught my eye whilst browsing the SpaceNK online store. For my undereye area I use a more hard-core concealer (Illamasqua) on the inner part and then a more lightweight/ highlighting one on the outer area. YSL isn’t enough when I have had a bad night (my 17 month old STILL feeds during the night) my RBR was perfect however just a shade too dark, so the Touche Veloutee looked like it may fit the bill. First up this is quite a sizable tube (pic below comparing it to YSL).
This is a click style pen with a brush applicator. I was amazed that with just one click the product came though (you usually have to pump these click style ones for ages). I got the colour Porcelain, once blended it is the perfect colour for me. I am quite pale (probably MAC NW10) so I think this shade maybe too light for the majority. I’d say this was a cool toned shade. They only offer 3 shades so not sure what you are meant to do if you have dark skin?
The blurb is “When fatigue strikes, a few strokes of this beautifully textured concealer, infused with nourishing botanicals, plumping microspheres and soft focus pigments, rejuvenates a sleepy appearance” does it deliver? I would say yes, it offers concealment and also highlights and does make the area look smooth, compared to my RBR I will say its not as moisturising and not quite as long lasting. It costs £25.45. Unless RBR comes out with a lighter shade I will re-buy this By Terry one again.


  1. Hello Replica! They never think about really light or really dark skintones, do they? At least I'm in the middle somewhere, just average :)! BTW, didn't Terry actually invent the Touche Eclat pen for YSL? On another note, does you baby sleep with you or do you actually have to get out of bed when he needs feeding? I bet he's gorgeous! xx

  2. The only time I saw By Terry was when I lived in OZ. I almost fainted the moment I saw how much it costs at Mecca! So yeah, I didn't get it.

    Oh, sorry, I still haven't posted the ingredients list for Dr. Hauschka, I've been ill. :(

  3. Hi Anna,
    Yes, they did invent the YSL one, I think thats the only thing I had known about the brand :) No, my baby doesn't sleep with me, he is way too noisey,snorting,grunting, don't think I would get any sleep. He is in the room next door but I have to take him into the lounge to feed him, just thought he would have grown out of it by now ! x

    Hello Music,
    I'm sure I have heard that in Australia they really get ripped off price wise.
    I've been ill too, had cold almost flu type thing for two weeks now, getting so sick of it !


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