Wednesday 9 December 2009

Oribe haircare

You may have noticed the Oribe hair range getting mentioned on a few blogs and getting rave reviews, what with spaceNK offering 20% off a while back I decided to take it as a sign that I should go ahead and order. I bought the Signature Shampoo (250ML costs £26.43 on Space NK) and the Signature conditioner (200ML costs £31.31).

The prices of this range I am sure will put a lot of people off; in fact the products I bought are the cheaper ones out of the other shampoos/conditioners on offer.
The shampoo is almost a gel like texture and has a gentle lather. I wouldn’t describe this as a “rich cleanser” as Oribe does and I do think if you have very dry hair this will not be moisturising enough for you. The conditioner is a medium density cream texture.
My hair type is dry but prone to greasy roots and damaged (breakages/split ends) due to daily hair straitening and my little boy ripping out my hair (which he thankfully seldom does anymore).
Both products caused me no irritation (even thought the Shampoo contains TEA-Lauryl Sulfate, which I would usually avoid but I couldn’t find the ingredients online before ordering so took a chance). My hair is left glossy and detangled and I think the colour is more vibrant. I can however get similar results with cheaper products, the main difference I have found with the Oribe is that my hair stays looking in better conditioner for longer. By lunch time when at work, I always usually need to brush my hair, as it looks a bit lacklustre and dull, when using Oribe my hair looks in better condition so there is no need for the lunch time dash to brush hair.
Does this warrant the extra expense? If I didn’t wash my hair everyday I would say yes, but unfortunately I think I am going to get through these rather quick and typically I spend around £16 on a shampoo and no more than £20 of a conditioner so these are a bit spendy for me. I think this will be something I buy occasionally (or if SpaceNK ever offer another 20% off!)
My mother bought the shampoo for beautiful colour (£33.28,250 ML) and she is really happy with it. Her hair is regularly coloured and she uses straighteners/hairdryers a lot but with this shampoo she finds it makes the colour in her hair a lot more vibrant and she also finds it moisturising enough that she does not need to use a conditioner.


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