Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Chantecaille La Baleine Bleue and cheek shade in Wind

I told myself I would never buy one of the limited edition Chantecaille compacts due to the cost, £85 for what you are getting seems somewhat steep. I know cosmetics brands raise their prices every year usually, but Chantecaille seems to have a more dramatic price rise compared to most (I remember getting the Olivia in Bangkok palette for £48 and the last one I got, the Shadow and the Rose, cost £69). The only reason that I finally made the leap was that Hqhair had a 25% off and I had a bad day at work, so this ended up in my basket.
I got La Baleine Bleue, an eye palette containing three shimmery colours (embossed with an image of two whales). The shades are a sheer white gold, a moody grey with blue and purple hues and a sheer icy blue. I’ve posted a pic of what you get and what you are left with when the overlay wears off (notice the missing little whale and white of the larger whale).
The compact comes with two little brushes, not sure if its just mine, but the brushes were a bit splayed and not really usable.
The lighter blue shade applies more sheer than I was expecting but overall this creates a soft look that I don’t think registers as blue.
The problem I have with this is that the two lighter shades are bordering on frosty and the texture. When I go to blend the colours, no matter which brush I use the colour seems to disappear so you have to add on more and they seem to fade during the day. I’ve had a lot of Chantecaille shadows and have only had this happen with this compact and Shadow and the Rose, so it maybe that the newer formulation is not working for me.

I also got a cheek shade in wind. I bought this as I wanted a sheer peachy shade, and this fits the bill. This gives a perky flush of colour. I have had Chantecaille blushers colour change on me in the past but this ones stays true to colour.
Just a note that whilst I used to order from Hqhair all the time, after poor service I went elsewhere. Whilst the 25% off enticed me back in, I did have problems with this order. I didn’t receive the mini sized Chantecaille promo, a Christmas present I ordered was not sent and it said on the invoice it would be sent when available, so I am unlikely to get this in time now, (it would be better if they had the same system as sites like Zuneta.com where it clearly states that the item is not available and you can have it on backorder if you like), a shower gel leaking everywhere and a slight chip/smudge on my blusher.


  1. *shakes head at HQhair*

    They really need to up their game, there are so many good competitors out there like Zuneta and Beautybay.

    These do tempt me, but while I admire the technical brilliance of the palettes, I'd rather have three discreet pans of colour and a more reasonable price.

  2. I do agree with you Chantecaille is getting very steep price tags recently. just bought a futureskin foundation for my mum, she loves it ;)

  3. Hi Grace,
    I agree, I'm sure a lot more people are stopping buying from them.
    At least now I find I will not be tempted by their limited edition compacts, I do really like the darker colour though....tries to forget how much she spent on it...

    Hello NottyEvil,
    I do think some of their items are a bit out of my price range, still at least the makeup is not as expensive as their skincare.
    I remember liking futureskin, but it broke me out, but I have very sensitive skin. Thanks for stopping by and your comment.


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