Wednesday 9 December 2009

Le Métier de Beauté Sheer Brilliance Lipgloss

I am very happy with the eyeshadows I have from Le Metier so decided to buy one of the lip glosses. I settle on the shade Dubai, which cost £22 and I bought it from
This is a slightly cool toned pink with multi dimensional glitter with gold being the dominant one coming through.
The formula is really comfortable to wear,it does not feel heavy on and is completely non sticky. I have asked for some more of these for Christmas. A great resource for Le Metier products is .Lina has beautiful photos and swatches which are really true to life, and I always end up wanting more after I have visited her site !
My only gripe with this brand is its exclusivity. In the UK you can only get it from Liberty, at the moment their online selection is limited and a lot of the stuff says its sold out. I rarely do phone orders anymore, as I had a lot of issues with people "losing" my card details, or having to use the phonetic alphabet for every side letter in my name and address, so for me its pretty much buy instore or online.
I do wonder if sometimes exclusivity goes to far,when its hard to find out information on a brands products and to buy them I can't but help feel that they are doing themselves out of sales.


  1. What a lovely fruit-syrupy colour! Does it taste of anything? Despite your recommendations and the fact that I was staying steps away from Liberty's I didn't manage to actually get inside it, so no Metier de Beautè this time!! Don't even get me started on exclusivity, it bugs me a lot that here in Italy we get very few brands, and I'm one of the lucky girls, seeing as I live between Milan and Switzerland where you can find a lot of brands the rest of my compatriots can only dream about!! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    It doesn't seem to have any taste.Probably a good thing you didn't hit the Metier de Beaute counter,their Kaleidoscope palettes may have caught your eye and they cost a lovely £65 ! xx


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