Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Becca Lost Weekend Part 2

The Lost Weekend palette (£35) creates a really pretty understated look with natural definition.
The palette contains:
Moleskin: delicate matte nude/stone, with a very slight mauve tone
Chino: medium matte warmed coco brown.
Moiré: delicately silver shimmered light mauve with beige tones.
Its more natural, sheer and warm compared to the Holiday 2010 Enigma palette (both swatched below to show how different they are)
The matte shades are very smooth, Moire less so because of the shimmer. They blend nicely and last all day with an eye base.
The palettes are quite slim line, yet feel sturdy, have a really good sized mirror and come with a little tapered brush that works well in the crease.

I bought this from


  1. Your side by side swatches comparing to Enigma are brilliant and highlight the difference is colours very well.

  2. I love that all of the shadows are matte. I think I look better in matte rather than shimmery shadows. I love the colours in both palettes too. Perfect for fall!

  3. I have this palette as well and it is perfect for fall, love the subtle mauvey undertone :-)

  4. I love these types of shades and they look so smooth!

  5. Hi Jane,
    Thank you, they are really different aren't they, I like both though x

    Hi Red lips, Black hair,
    LOL, not had my swatches referred to as Delicious before :)

    Hi Alicia,
    1 shadow in each palette does have a bit of shimmer, but its subtle, I tend to think I look better in more matte finishes as well, hope thats not a sign of my age :)

    Hi Rei,
    Yes, I like that is had that tone that makes is different from a lot of the other natural looking palettes out there :)

    Hi Jeanie,
    I'm sure you would love this for a no fuss, natural makeup look and you could always jazz it up by wearing a colourful liner for a pop of colour x


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