Sunday 4 September 2011

Dior new 3-Couleurs Smoky Palette: Smoky Nude

The packaging for the Dior new 3-Couleurs Smoky Palettes is quite sleek and innovative, you slide the top lid back and up pops a mirror, revealing the eyeshadows.
Each trio contains a matte, a metallic and a base colour.
Smoky Nude (£32) contains a matte warm camel brown, shimmery/metallic warm coppery browned beige, shimmery golden ivory.
Unfortunately these shades go on a lot warmer than they look in the pan, so this isn't the best for my very cool toned skin.
The matte feels slightly dryer, less smooth than the other shadows however it still applies well. Pigment is very good, they last well and blend easily.
I really think with these its worth checking them out at a counter if you can as there is a variant with the metallic shades. I was underwhelmed with the two smoky palettes for fall as I felt the metallic shade was not pigmented and a bit rough to the touch and indeed having swatched most of the others some are better than others.

I bought this from Debenhams


  1. The colours looks very appealing in the pan. It's a shame they come up so warm. How do you like the Lancome in comparison? I think I might be in love with it a little bit!
    Jane x

  2. I like the interesting packaging and the colours look to be a good set of neutrals.

  3. This is the first one that caught my eye. I also like Khaki and Pink as well. I tested them yesterday but will probably wait another week or two before buying. Thanks for the swatches! :)

  4. i love dior eyeshadows ! This is realyy pretty! xxx

  5. OOH warm neutrals? This sounds right up my alley. I adore Dior shadows so I need to check this out in person.

  6. I tested those yesterday in-store and really liked them, they are very much perfect for my colouring. So sorry they don't quite work for you, although they do look nice on the pic.
    Also, I think it's time we reconsidered our relationship: Fresh "Honey", Fresh "Passion" (just in and absolutely gorgeous), Fresh Seaberry body moisturiser, all seen right here, purchased yesterday. It's not you, it's me -I'm too weak and you're too persuasive... So, Goodbye :))) lol
    Nina x

  7. Hi Jane,
    I really like the Lancome, great neutrals that aren't warm! I picked up one of the Guerlain fall palettes as well, have you gone for any of those yet? x

    Hi Meeta,
    I am tempted to go back for another one ;) I'll have to be careful with what I choose though as when I swatched this in store it didn't look warm at all.

    Hi Makeup Magpie,
    I liked the Khaki one as well. I sometimes find the quints just have too much going on so its nice to have a slimmed down palette from Dior :)

    Hi TzeYien89,
    Dior do make some nice shadows, although sometimes I can find them a bit frosty, so these are a nice change :)

    Hi lexi920,
    Yes, would be worth checking out, I do wish these weren't so warm though, think I'll wear them with other shadows rather than all together!

    Hi Nina,
    LOL...No don't leave me, I can change...well actually no, I think I have bought more than normal this month and we are only in the second week, I'll have to start posting reviews of products I really didn't like so that I don't entice you! x

  8. I just saw these this weekend. I was also drawn to Smoky Nude. Smoky Khaki and Brown were also very tempting. Normally I'd walk away with all 3 but since these are permanent, I think I will pick them up later. The colors look beautiful on your eyes. Very natural.

  9. Oh, ok...since you're promising that this time it will be different...honey, I'm baaaack! :))

    I just saw you picked up one the Guerlains. Please, please review it as I'm trying to make up my mind, dazed and confused by all the lovely offerings.

  10. Hi Kristie,
    Thank you! I do think I'll pick up another but like you say there is no rush :)

    Hi Nina,
    Good, don't stray again ;)
    I'll try and post about the Guerlain on Sunday, just need to get some swatches and an eye look picture done of it, I bought Les Fumes to start with but may be going back for more.. x


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