Friday 9 September 2011

Chanel Illusion d'Ombre Illusoire

I picked up my second and last Illusion d'Ombre. The shade Illusoire (£22.50) is a greyed purple/mauve with a heavy silver shimmer/metallic finish.
The spongy mousse like textures of these products are non drying and blend well, pigmentation is really good.
Swatched below on the left and blended in on the right:
However, I can't get on board with the long wearing claims. I'd been wearing a light wash of Epatant on the main lid and it lasts quite well with an eye base, however I have been wearing Illusoire higher up, above the crease, still with a base and have noticed I do get creasing after about 5 hours, this probably seems like I am being extraordinarily picky but I expect my shadows to last from when I put them on in the morning to when I get home (over 11 hours) and even though I only have one Armani Eyes to Kill shadow, the wear of that product outshines this.
I do think the two Chanel shades I have are really pretty, and I don't regret buying them but I'd go for another Armani next time as I know its going to give me wear that I can rely on.

Here's how it looks on, I've used it on the lid, with just a few of the shades from the Sleek Au Naturel Palette in the crease and to highlight & line.

I bought this from Debenhams.


  1. I love looking at the reviews of this product but know that it would be completely wasted on me - I love the sheen and the gleam - so I will sit and look and live vicariously through those blessed with a taut eyelid ;-)

  2. I wrote my review of this last night, scheduled for a couple of weeks from now. I can't make it work at ALL. It looks beautiful on you, and my other two are really easy to work with but my Illusoire is really patchy and hard work! I'm sure it's just me. It looks beautiful on you.

  3. I agree it looks gorgeous on you. So far I have managed to resist these. Based on the ETK reviews, I'd probably go with Armani but even then it's doubtful. I am afraid the shimmer would not be kind to my eyelids,which are just starting to show tiny signs of crepe.

  4. Hi Jan,
    My eyelids are getting more saggy I notice so maybe it won't be long before I can no longer wear these! I've also noticed my lids are more puffy, not sure if that is an age thing or if I am having a strange reaction to something! x

    Hi Charlie,
    Thanks :) What a shame, I have a feeling though that I have read elsewhere some people saying that about the texture of this shade, I've not used mine much so wonder if it will go like that, or maybe yours wasn't sealed properly, shame we can't return things in the UK! :)

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you :) I do find I can wear shimmer less these days..le sigh.. good thing I like my matte shades ;)

  5. This is so pretty on you! Tempted! :)

  6. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    I think this was one of the most popular shades as it sold out at the 2 counters near me, at least they are not limited edition ;)

  7. It looks very pretty but I think it might be too similar to RBR D. Hummingbird and Armani ETK in Purpura? Also, my lids get very oily so I think I'll pass on this one (although I really like Mirifique, will need to swatch that one once they come to our stores). x

  8. Hi Klara,
    I think if your lids get oily you would need a very strong base for these, probabaly UD PP. I think this is less purple than RBR Delicate Hummingbird and also the Armani (going by pics I have seen online). Its one of those nice to have but not a must have item ;)

  9. I personally like Illusiore the best amongst these shadows just for the color. Armani's ETK are definitely worth all the hype they get, I tried #3 Purpura and I was hooked!!!! Have you tried Purpura? Possibly one of the more unique taupes I've seen in a long time, IMHO

  10. Hi Lakshmi,
    I've not tried Purpura, but its on my "to get" list, it certainly seems to the stand out shade from their range going by the reviews :)


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