Wednesday 21 September 2011

Mama Mio Eye Know High Protein Moisturising Eye Serum

Mama Mio, the brand known for its range of body care products for use during and after pregnancy brought out a skincare range this year. I'd been very pleased with their products I used during and after pregnancy so the skincare interested me.
I bought the Eye Know moisturising serum (£27.50 for 15ml). Each product comes with a Little Book of Confidence (contains product information, how to do Face Fitness and the brands philosophy) they include 60-second exercises for your facial muscles ( "30 seconds of High Brows brow lifting exercise for a wide-awake look and 30 seconds of Lost Baggage micro muscle lift to smooth under-eyes"), its a nice little addition and not something I have seen before.
I have to confess I did the exercises for the first 2 weeks but alas I am not a disciplined person so didn't carry on with the routine so bear this in mind with my review of the products performance.
This product makes a lot of claims, it proposes to provide "24 hour moisturising hydration,be a wrinkle-fighting whilst banishing dark shadows and gently tightening and lifting for a wide-eyed and wide-awake effect. Packed with peptides, grape stem cell technology, antioxidants and triple action EyePro 3X, it’s what every girl needs to look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep … but in 60 seconds!"
Very big claims indeed, so how did it perform?
It has a light weight gel consistency, clear in colour, I don't detect a scent.
The site lists reasons for why they love it, these are the reasons why I don't:

• Does not provide enough moisture, after a few weeks use my eye area felt much dryer, lines more apparent, skin looked a bit sore.
• Made no difference to puffiness, gave no lifting effect.
• wasn't a good base for eye concealer as it was prone to ball up and flack off.

The only thing I did like about it was that it felt slightly cooling. I had high hopes for this and I really like the detail given to the presentation of the product and do like the ethos of the brand but I have to concede that I felt this product was actually making my eye area look worse than it did before which is why after using it for nearly two months I have given up on it.

I bought this from


  1. This sounds like a crap product!

    Thanks for the honest review as always!

  2. Oh no, that's disappointing when it is doing the reverse. I'm interested in trying some of their body products as do like the sound of them.

    I love Oskia Eye Wonder but I'm not sure how this would be on puffiness (as I don't suffer from this, it's more hydration and fine lines/circles I look at).

  3. Thanks for this, I was contemplating the Mama Mio range just because their new range of products looks so tempting. I think eye products in particular are a minefield, I am happy to find one that does no harm! x

  4. Hi Vintage Makeup,
    Yes, it wasn't one of my best buys ;)

    Hi Meeta,
    I really like the Mama Mio body oil and the boob cream :)
    I've had a sample of Oskia Eye Wonder before and did quite like it so might try that one at some point, since I seem to be working my through the brands :)

    Hi Jan,
    I know what you mean, I'm on the Pai one at the moment which I find quite comforting for my dry eye area. I think I probably have unrealist expectations of eye creams, I hope to see an improvement, when really they generally just seem to maintain what you already have x

  5. Thanks for the review- I'm always on the hunt for eye products that work. It's a shame this one didn't. My eye area continues to be dry- I've been using a serum and CDLM over the top at night and I'm still dry?? I guess time to face it- I'm getting O L D! xx

  6. Hi Jeanie,
    I'm starting to notice certain downhill turns with my skin which are due to age, its funny how you can just suddenly notice things one day, well I say funny but you know depressing! I'm using a Pai eye cream at the moment which is really moisturising but not in a greasy way, I'll have to review that when I finish as it might be something you like x


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