Wednesday 14 September 2011

MAC Lady Grey

MAC Lady Grey (£33), is a palette of soft cool toned shadows. True to its name all shades contain a varying degree of grey.

The palette contains:
All Races: very pale dusty mauve pink with a hint of grey, this is similar to Illamasqua Spectre.
Tendersome: a greyed purple, its meant to have a frost finish but I'd say its very subtle. This is very sheer and I think would have fared much better had pigmentation been up a notch.
Lady Grey: is a sheer dull green grey with a satin finish
Hazy Day: a medium grey with a veluxe pearl finish.
I bought this palette for Hazy Day and All Races, had I bought it for the other two shades I would have been disappointed as I find them dull (you can probably see this from my swatches below).
Swatches L-R:Lady Grey, All Races,Tendersome, Hazy Day

The eyeshadows feel quite smooth and blend nicely, the Veluxe Pearl finish of Hazy days is my favourite as its that bit smoother with a more creamy feel and less drying than your typical MAC shade.
I was very hesitant to post this look as its doesn't look good, I don't use all the shades together like this normally but I wanted to show you them all. Try to ignore the fact that I seem to have missed putting my mascara on the inner lashes, not sure what happened there!
As you can see it doesn't really do much for me using all the shades together. I do however really like All Races and Hazy Days so its not a complete loss.

I bought this from a MAC freestanding store.


  1. Yes I've had my eye on this for a while now, partly because it's called Lady Grey and I am Lady Gray.

    I think actually the colours look really lovely on you and it's got me itching to buy it again!

  2. Ive been checking out this palette alot. I love how the colours are all very muted. I actually like them all together on your eye.

  3. I agree with Charlie - I really like this combo, I think the subtle green and mauve tones do work together and look rather pretty.

  4. I love shades of grey. I agree that Lady Grey looks a bit blah in the swatch, but All Races, Tendersome, and Hazy Day are the standouts for me. I actually think the combination is very pretty on you, a subtle, daytime smoky look.

  5. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks, I think it must have beem quite popular as it sold out at my store really soon, I can see that these colours would work on your colouring :)

    Hi Alicia,
    Thanks ;) I'll not give up on it, I might try using the green and purple over a cream base to build them up a bit.

    Hello Meeta,
    Thank you.I guess its just a bit different to what I am use to, I do tend to wear the same shades all the time! ;)

    Hi Vintage Makeup,
    It is lovely, bet it would do well if they put it in the permament line.

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    Thank you, I think it was all just a bit too grey if you get what I mean ;) I thought this quad was quite a bit better in overall texture/feel compared to a lot of their pasts ones so that was another plus :)

  6. I think you make this look very pretty indeed. On me, I'm not sure this would work but I love grey shades on your colouring. All Races is a colour that interested me on it's previous release.
    Jane x

  7. Hi Jane,
    Thank you, you are kind to me, I still think my look is meh ;) I think you would quite like All Races, heavy on the lid, either a bronze in the crease of something like RBR delicate hummingbird, paired with a black liner, ooh I can see it now :) x

  8. Oh gosh, that sounds lovely! x


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