Sunday 11 September 2011

Guerlain Les Fumés Ombre Eclat 4 Shade Eyeshadow

The nine eyeshadow palettes on offer from Guerlain’s fall collection contain a varying range of finishes; matte, iridescent, metallic and satin, although Les Perles seemed mostly iridescence.
The shadows are the same formula's as those in the Ecrin 6 couleurs eye shadow palettes. Although they don't have the same intricate packaging as the 6 pans, in some ways I prefer having less shadows as there is no guess work with shadow placement and the price is a lot more forgiving.
I went for Les Fumes (£37). I'd say this palette leans cool.

It contains a satin ashy grey, matte dusty pink, metallic silver grey with a touch of mauve and a matte dusty cool brown.
The colours are buildable, they feel quite smooth, although the metallic shade is noticeably smoother and more creamy. They don't feel drying, blend well and last all day with an eye base. Although I don't consider these stand out colours as such, the combination of shades works effortlessly and allows for an every day look or a soft smokey effect.
I'll likely go back for some of the other palettes, these are a permanent addition to the range and I think with the variant of shades on offer your going to find at least one you want to take home with you.

I bought this from Debenhams


  1. Beautiful :)))
    Unfortunately, I do not know in English: (

  2. As usual- you are a master with blending and graduated shading. Love it and love the palette! xx

  3. The palette is beautiful as is your look with it. I agree that they are more purse friendly. I'm a little sad that they've gone with a sponge applicator rather than a brush this time. Thank you as always for sharing!
    Jane x

  4. I love this palette, but even more so, the look you created with it. Its perfect for fall and I love that it has some matte colours.

  5. Oh my word, that is a gorgeous smoky eye Replica! Thank you for reviewing this, I really wanted to know your opinion on the quality and blendability of the shades. This palette is too cool for me, but I'm sure that Les Cuirs will be perfect!
    Have a great week my dear :)
    Nina x

  6. The swatches look so clear and cool on your skin while my skin muddies it up! Your EoTD is gorgeous, and I love seeing your photos because they make me appreciate this gorgeous palette in a whole new light. Thanks for the review.

  7. Lovely on you! This makes me want to go out and get this palette now :)

  8. The palette looks great on you, did you experience much fall out?

  9. Hi E73,
    Thanks, it is quite a versatile palette :)

    Hi Jeanie,
    Thank you, I have been feeling very meh about the eye looks I post so I am glad you like it :) xx

    Hi Jane,
    Thanks! You know I didn't even pay attention to the brush but I see what you mean, mind you I think I'd rather not have any brush really as I am always dropping them and the little man always seem to grab them before I can :) x

    Hi Martha,
    Thanks ;) I somehow knew I would end up getting this one even before I saw it in the flesh, I do home in on the same shades all the time ;)

    Hi Alicia,
    Thank you :) I do really like how they mix up the shade formulas in their palettes.

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you! I liked the look of Les Cuirs but am sure it would be too warm, and yet still feel tempted, let me know if you get it as I'd love to know what you think.
    Have you seen the Suqqu fall yet, its up on Selfridges so I am tempted to order but can't seem to find many reviews on it at all? x

    Hi Zuzu's Petals,
    I thought your swatches were much better than mine! I'm so glad you like the eye look, its quite a fun palette to play around with :)

    Hello Makeup Magpie,
    That is such a compliment! thank you! I think a lot of these palettes would look stunning on your eyes, I think I might get the grey one and the Les perles one as well :)

    Hello Fables in Fashion,
    Thank you, I'd say I got a tiny bit of fall out from the darkest shade during application but none of the others and no fall out during wear :)


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