Wednesday 25 April 2012

By Terry Crayon Sourcils Terrybly

When you have little in the eyebrow department, finding a product that can make the area look fuller but also natural at the same time can prove difficult. I also think that the majority of brow products for fair hair have a strong yellow/orange tone, which doesn't work for me as I have no warmth in my eyebrows. The best colour match I had found so far is Chantecaille Ash blond, but as I find the Chantecaille a bit too dry in texture I decided to try the By Terry version.

As I couldn't find any reviews I went for the lightest shade, #1 Basic nude £22.

The formula is probably one of the best I have ever tried (and I have been through a lot of brow pencils). It just glides on the skin so well, feeling almost gel like, you can easily vary the colour intensity and it never looks dry and it lasts very well. The problem for me is that the shade is very warm, in fact I'd only recommend this shade for those who have red hair. Such a shame, I could do with the Chantecaille colour in the By Terry formula.

Swatched below, Chantecaille Ash Blond, By Terry Basic nude



I bought this from SpaceNK


  1. How disappointing, I wish you luck in finding a colour that works, maybe the HD brows? or Anastasia Brows which I think are coming or have arrived in UK. Shu Uemura Hard Formula #9 works pretty well for me, Modesty Brown did a really helpful review a while back x

    1. Hello Jan,
      Yes, Jane's review was really good. I have been thinking about Anastasia as they are on Cult Beauty now, so that will be my next attempt, fingers crossed x

  2. What a shame about the colour as otherwise it sounds really promising. Do you know if one of their other shades would be more suitable or would they just be too dark? x

    1. Hello Jane,
      I think they only do two colours and the next one is meant for darker hair, seems a bit odd really, I guess they might expand the range. I keep hoping that they bring out some new eyeshadows in the terrybly range as they seem to be revamping the core collection bit by bit xx


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