Wednesday 4 April 2012

Diego Dalla Palma: Part 1

Diego dalla palma is an Italian brand, looking at the range my impression is that it bears similarities with MAC in that it offers a comprehensive range of professional products and shades with the focus being on trends. I'd heard some good things about the quality and selection offered so was very pleased to have it arrive in the UK.
The brand is available from Tesco online (and in some of their concept stores). It doesn't quite sit right to me that a medium end cosmetic range be best placed at Tesco. Its not to say I don't buy from Tesco but I think of the store as having more of a "value" image, if I want something "nicer" I go to Waitrose.
Placement issues aside, I bought a few things so I'll start off with the powder eye shadows
The Essential duo eye shadow #14 (£23.50) was released with the fall 2011 collection. It contains a peach beige with a satin finish and a matte brown.The lighter shade is reasonably smooth however the matte is quite dry and I found it difficult to blend.
From the core collection I got eye shadow in shade #19 Frost Sand (£14). This has a very different texture to the duo, its smooth and buttery soft and blends really well. The colour is a shimmery golden sand.
Both of the shadows have really good pigmentation though I do need to wear an eye primer to get them to last.
There is always bound to be hits and misses when delving into a brand you've not tried before so now I know to stick with the shimmery formula of eye shades.


I bought these from, they arrived the next day which was very impressive (I just selected the standard postage) but they were not packaged well and the boxes where very dusty and had dirt marks on them so its a good thing I wasn't buying them as gifts.


  1. I would never think to buy cosmetics from a supermarket - I usually just try and get in and out as quickly as possible - and it strikes me as strange that these are priced at this level for sale in Tesco. Nevertheless, they look pretty and I would be interested in seeing some of their other products.

    1. Hi Victoria,
      I know what you mean, it does seem a bit strange, it will be interesting to see if other Supermarkets start doing the same thing x

  2. Cool. I am glad you enjoyed Diego dalla Palma. It has been used by professional makeup artist in Italy for over 20 years. I recently bought a foundation and concealer from this brand and I wrote a couple of reviews on them on my blog...feel free to have a pip if you fancy.

  3. Thanks Alice, off to read now ;)


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