Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer

I don't fare well with Chanel base products, often they are too dark or irritate my sensitive skin. I was cruelly lured in by a shiny display of the Lift Lumiere foundation and correcteur perfection concealer right near the till as I was paying for my items. I just couldn't resist picking up the concealer testers just for a look........and so here we are.
The SA was adamant that I get Beige Clair #10 (£26) as she said the tester I had grabbed, Beige Rose # 31 would be much too dark for me. Beige Clair is 1-2 shades too dark and has a strong warm yellow/peachy tone.
As this contains salt (which I try to avoid due to acne) I bought this to use as an under eye concealer.
Swatched below L-R: Estee Lauder Double wear Light 01, Chanel Beige Clair, Rouge Bunny Rouge Luminous Skin Wand Orionis,YSL Touche Eclat shade 2,
Swatched below is the same order but this time I have rubbed them in, so hopefully it shows the warmth of the Chanel.
It has a creamy, lightweight,gel-based texture. Under the eyes it does not provide adequate coverage and whilst I found it does not migrate into any little lines,it does look dry and flat. I found its lasting ability average.
For testing purposes I decided to give this a try as a face concealer. I felt it performed much better, it blended nicely, covering discolouration well (though not an opaque concealer that would be needed for spots/scars). It does not feel heavy and gives a natural finish. However it did emphasise my pores and highlighted dry areas mid way through the day.
Overall I think its performance is adequate and somewhat forgettable and when I look at it I think to myself I could have spent that money on another Coco shine lipstick instead.


I bought this from John Lewis


  1. I always wondered about chanel's concealers.. I'm so picky about mine.. I can't stand ones that settle into fine lines and don't last long.. I found the best one so far to be MAC Pro longwear concealer as it doesn't budge all day.. And I really like inglot pot concealer.. It's very hydrating for under the eyes but if not powdered, it will definitely crease..

    1. Hi Delyteful Speaks,
      I quite like the MAC one as well but it isn't the perfect one for me, I have thought about trying Inglot, I just couldn't work out which was the lightest shade as #64 looks lighter than #63,very odd :)

  2. Thankyou for a great comparison post. I too have wondered about Chanel concealers, but only vaguely as I tend to think of Chanel more as a lipstick/nail varnish brand, rather like Lancome is a mascara brand. Shame about the missed lipstick though, which one would you have gone for? x

    1. Hi Jan,
      Great to have you back :)
      I think of them more as a lip/nail brand as well, I think I'd have gone for boy as I keep getting dazzled by other shades, but boy seems to be the staple for most people x

  3. Bummer. I have been curious about this concealer and I am sorry you had to take one for the team. I agree, it's much too warm and dark. It looks orange on your skin compared to the others. Salt, though?

    *Holy cow, I just looked. I've probably seen sodium chloride a million times on ingredient lists and never made the chemical connection. What on earth is that used for, a preservative?

    Yes, let us stick to our Rouge Coco Shines! I just bought Boy (surprised by how well it worked) and Fetiche and was so happy with them I placed another order for Aventure, Chance, and Romance. <---sickness.

    1. Hi Zuzu,
      Bummer indeed ;) Yes, the colour is all types of wrong for me.
      I think the salt is used to thicken things, its a very highly rated acne causing ingredient, which is a problem as its in so many things, really restricts what I can use in terms of foundations/concealers.
      I just said that I wanted to get Boy in my comment above, you beat me to it! I really like Fetiche, I'm trying to think if I have the others you have ordered, I guess thats not good that I can't think of all the shades I have.. x

  4. Hi Replica,
    This is one of my HG concealer. For me it suits my needs perfectly. It's not too heavy but still covers my dark under eye circle.
    So what's your HG concealer?

    1. Hi Memoiselle,
      I'm still looking for a HG concealer that gives the coverage I need and is the right colour. I think my favourite highlighting type concealer though is By Terry Touche Veloutee :)


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