Sunday 8 April 2012

Diego Dalla Palma: Part 2

So here's the second part of my review of Diego Dalla Palma. The more I tried from the brand, the more apparent it became that they are very big on pigment, though sometimes this is good and other times not so much.....
I went for a sculpture-blush #51 (£19).

Described as a light pink, I was immediately pleased by how the colour looked in the pan, a matte nude beige pink.
However on application the pigment was extremely intense and as a result the colour looked ruddy against my pale skin. Though it feels smooth to the touch, on my skin it feels dry and does not blend well and looks patchy.

The Universal Fluid Eye Shadow 06 (£15), again is very pigmented but can be easily sheered out.
It applies nicely, blends quite well and has good lasting power. The colour is a mix of brown and beige, once applied I can't notice any shimmer in this.
Lastly I go an anti-age-lipstick in shade #167 (£14), its described as a mauve but to me its a deep cherry rose.
It feels creamy and has good wear, with an average moisture level. The pigmentation again is full on and this is too intense for me.
Swatched below L-R: Lipstick, blusher, cream shadow swiped, cream shadow blended in.
On the whole I have had more duds that hits with my first foray into this brand, I definitely think its one to try in person rather that ordering blindly online like I did, as had I been able to swatch things I would have made different choices.

I bought these from


  1. I'm surprised by how vibrant the blush turns out looking on the skin! As well as the lipstick. It seems the whole range is full of pigment.

    1. Hi Vintage Makeup,
      I was surprised as well, were I not so pale it probably would have been ok. I'll know to be more careful in future x


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