Sunday, 1 April 2012

Chanel New Mini Collection For Spring: Rouge Coco & Coco Shine

Chanel released a mini collection last Friday in the UK (it might be for European countries only) it consists of 3 coco rouges and 3 coco shines.
They also re-promoted the 3 blue nail varnish that had a Harrods exclusive release last year for those that missed out, Les Jeans de Chanel.

I bought three of the lipsticks but here are descriptions of them all:
Rouge Coco:
117 Magnolia (re-promoted shade,cool pink, this is the one used in the promotional photo),
43 Avant-Garde (a brown/beige with a subtle pink tone so that the colour does not look flat),
42 Culte (burgundy)

Rouge Coco Shine:
70 Sourire (sheer peachy pink),
71 Style (very sheer beige nude with a golden shimmer),
72 Effrontée (clear,cool pink)
I didn't pick up Magnolia nor Culte as both seemed to have the dryer texture that a lot of the Rouge Coco's do. Avant-Garde (£23) seemed to have more slip so I got that.
It has very good coverage, wears well, though is a tad drying.
I initially thought it might be similar to superstition but in fact its darker and less beige as you can see below.
Of the Rouge Coco shines I bought Style and Effronté (£23 each), if I'd had enough money I would have gone for Sourire as well, as although sheer I think it would be a lovely shade for spring/summer.
It wasn't until I got home and in the real light that I realised just how beige Style was. The fact that it is very sheer means it is wearable as you get some of your natural lip colour mix in.
Effrontée is a very pretty,feminine pink, though I do have a few pinks that are quite similar.
Swatched L-R: Style, Avant-Garde, Effrontee
Swatches below to compare the shades to other Chanel lipsticks:
L-R:Charme, Rivage,Effrontee,Fetiche, Enivree
Swatched L-R:Deauville,Style, Superstition, Avant-Garde, Incognito
All the shades are very effortless natural shades and the beige tones are surprisingly wearable.
I think at this point I have to concede that I might have a Rouge Coco shine problem, I just can't get enough of the pretty colours, sheer feel and glossy finish, in some ways I wish Chanel would stop releasing them so I don't feel the compulsion to buy.

Ingredients (all are scented)
I bought these from John Lewis


  1. Ooo I hear ya, I have a thing for RC shines too they are probably one of my favorite lipsticks,I find that even the light colors leave behind a stain that's long lasting even if the actual shine is not. I've got on Romance today, from when the collection first launched: such a bright pink, once it wears off I'll probably use Bel-ami another fave that happens to be in my makeup bag! I hope these RC shines make it to the US sometime. In other exciting news I just got my new JC blushes Malice and Tumulte and they are both beauties, and the Vitlumiere Aqua compact foundation is very nice too, my first day wearing it but will let you know how it goes. So far no dry patch enhancement which happens with cream foundations and my skin! Hope you're well

    1. Hi Lakshmi,
      I'm sure the shades will turn up in the US at some point, I'm sure this happened last year that we got one before you,Royallieu I think.
      I've been seeing lots of good things about the blushes, they are not out here yet, I know the baked formula here can break me out so would be good if we got them in the formula you have.
      Yes, please let me know any further thoughts you have on the aqua compact, I think that comes out in a week here so I'll know whether its worth me checking out or not xx

  2. I loved the whole collection (but cannot afford to buy the whole lot) so I got Magnolia which is beautiful and not as dry textured as it originally might seem. I also got Sourire which looks great on it's own and equally lovely over Magnolia as a sort of gloss.

    1. Hi,
      so maybe I should have a re-look at Magnolia then :) Do you know if the RC are limited edition as I do think I might have to go back and get Sourire when I get paid ;)

  3. By "mini" collection do you mean it's limited to just lipstick, or are these lipsticks smaller versions of their bigger sisters?

    72 Effrontée looks gorgeous (dammit!). I also have a RCS problem. I am wearing Bonheur today. Finally (besides nail polish) I found a Chanel product I actually love

    1. Hi Zuzu,
      I'm glad the RCS obsession is a shared thing :)
      Sorry my title wasn't clear, the products are normal sized, when I asked the SA if the collection had a name she just said it was a mini collection so I ran with that :) Though a mini sized product collection would be very cute x

    2. I'd die if Chanel released all of them in a wee collection. And I'd be first in line! I just looked at my blog drafts and realized I never published my review of Bonheur. Must rectify that immediately!

      Thanks for the luscious teaser. ♥

    3. you know if they did bring out a mini sized product collection I bet they would be nearly the same prices as the full size :) I'm impressed that you have blog drafts, I must be very unorganised ;)

  4. Replies
    1. I can't seem to resist the new releases :)


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