Wednesday 29 August 2012

Fresh Supernova Mascara & Sugar Lip Gloss

The fresh makeup range has dwindled over the years, which is a shame as they used to have some nice eyeshadow palettes and a good brush collection.

I really like their packaging, the delicate detailed design is really pretty and adds a nice touch.
Though I am not a gloss person, the Sugar lip gloss remains one of my favourite formula's (I've had 5 shades and have used them all up).

They give sheer colour with a high shine finish.Though some shades have tiny microglitter I like that they never register as shimmery once on.

They are not sticky and feel cushiony and moisturising and have the sugar lemon scent. I bought Sugar Kiss this time (£15.00) which is a sheer peachy nude with a hint of gold.

I've bought the Supernova mascara (£17) several times in the past (though the firebird mascara, which no longer seems to be on their website, was my preferred formula). It separates, lengthens and gives a bit of lift.

I would say that if you try to build it up it is prone to clumping. What I really like about this is that the black is really glossy and the formula does not make my lashes feel brittle. Unfortunately this time around this smudges on me quite a bit for some reason.

I probably say this every time I review Fresh but I really think they need to get online for more countries, its not that convenient having to mail order and to not know what postage will be until you place the order, and I know that I would order much more from the brand if they had a UK website.

I bought these via mail order from the London Marylebone High Street Store.


  1. I have wanted to try Fresh for ages and I am talking multiples of years here - but have just never found it easy to track down, and so I forget about it until a great post like this reminds me. Thankyou :)

  2. Thank you Jan :) I think thats one of the reasons they need to get online as people will forget about them x

  3. That lip gloss is gorgeous!! Thanks for the excellent review!xxoo

  4. Thanks Lola, I hope they come out with some more shades as I seem to have had most of them now :)

  5. I am glad you reviewed the mascara, I was looking at it just the other day. I really like the color of the lipgloss, very natural.

  6. Hi Rola,
    It is a lovely gloss, I've not had a shade yet that I have not liked :)


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