Sunday 26 August 2012

Neal's Yard Remedies Organic Make-Up

I've been trying to use more natural/organic brands in the last year or so but the area I struggle with most is makeup. I can't say I have found a brand yet that is on par quality wise.

Neal's Yard first brought out their makeup range around 2010 but they had a bit of a re-launch this year with some additional products. The whole makeup collection is Certified by the Soil Association. Its a small range and to be honest when I saw it in the flesh it didn't really excite me; the packaging looks rather drab and the colour range is very duplicable.

The eyeshadow in Oak (£11.50) is an extremely sheer beige with a pink tone and a slightly shimmered finish, though it registers as more of a glow.

It not that noticeable on me but acts as a more glowy, your lids but better shade.
It feels very smooth but I find the texture too soft and its easy to kick up a lot of product. Unfortunately it does fade (even when using a primer).

The Mulberry lip gloss (£9.50) comes in a squeeze tube. Its a cranberry with golden micro glitter and has a fruity scent. It has a smooth texture and feels moisturising, it does have a very slight tackiness. It has good colour payoff and wears quite well for a gloss. It contains No parabens, silicones or carmine.

I was hoping to really like these as I applaud the ethos of this brand and wish more brands had the same mentality towards the environment. Unfortunately whilst these are not bad products I still find them average and there isn't really much else from the currant line up that looks interesting enough to entice me.
I do however think the range is worth checking out if you are moving towards more organic/naturals lines as these fare better that a lot of makeup I have tried within that category.

I bought these from a Neal's Yard store.


  1. The Mulberry lipgloss looks very nice!
    The mineral foundation caught my eye and I had a little test but need to go back and try it properly.

    1. Hi Meeta,
      I noticed on their site that the lipgloss shade seems to be on sale now for £3.50, if you feel tempted :)

  2. That shadow looks really nice, but if it has no staying power what's the point? I agree about the more natural/organic makeup...texture and staying power seem to be my main issues. I recently ordered from Vapour (5 samples for $20) and was disappointed yet again...thank goodness they were only samples. I'll keep looking but it gets frustrating!

    1. Hi Gummy,
      Good job they were samples! I don't really get why the discrepancy in texture etc with the natural brands, makes me wonder if there is some secret ingredient in all the non natural ones ;)

  3. Hmm I have to agree that my foray into a more organic lipstick range mirrors yours exactly. However I do think that 10 to 15 years ago organic skincare was a bit like this so maybe one has to wait a bit...and I'll be about 65! xx

    1. Hi Jan,
      I think you are right and they will get it right like they have with skincare, not sure I want to wait till my 60s though ;) makes me wonder if I will still be into makeup by then xx


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