Wednesday 22 August 2012

Omorovicza Gold Sugar Scrub & Soothing Shave Cream

The gold scrub (£57) looks luxurious from the get go. It comes in the signature Omorovicza modern packaging and comes in a large container (200ml).

It contains an abundance of Fair trade golden sugar cane, its very thorough without irritating my sensitive skin. My skin is left smooth and feeling soft without an oily/greasy residue. I really like the scent, which I find warming with a slight citrus note.

Amongst other things the scrub contains Gold (which is said to have anti-inflammatory and repairing qualities), Apricot kernel oil (gives softness to the skin and is rich in vitamin A) and Capsicum peptide (rich in antioxidant vitamin C, and is meant to stimulates micro-circulation and promotes a healthy glow).

At this price there is no doubt this is an indulgence but its an indulgence that works and one I will buy again.

The Soothing shave cream (£18) has been a great find. Its quite thick but spreads well and leaves the skin feeling moisturised. My skin is very sensitive and I always have a problem when shaving day after day, and often end up with irritated itchy skin or razor burn. I've tried copious amounts of shaving products and different razor blades without success. The Soothing Shave cream allows me to shave day after day without creating redness, bumps on the skin, dryness or razor burn.

I was initially worried as this contains menthol which I don't get on with but I have had no irritation and the anti-inflammatory properties of the Hungarian minerals and sea mayweed may well be the reason for this.

I'm again very pleased with these buys and Omorovicza is fast becoming one of my favourites, my only quibble is some of the pricing which is rather high, that said I do continue to re-buy the brand.
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  1. Both of these sound amazing, and I love that they are both kind to your sensitive skin-- which means that they will be to mine as well. I will definitely check both out-- I am particularly interested in the scrub! Thanks for another outstanding review, Replica! xx

    1. Thanks Lola :) I am very much impressed with everything I have from them so far, I think they are meant to be having a lip balm come out soon as well so no doubt I'll end up buying that :) xx

  2. Beautyful blog.


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