Sunday 30 August 2009

Chanel lipsticks descriptions and pictures

These are some of my Chanel lipstick reviews/descriptions that I have taken off MUA so thought I’d post them here after a bit of a re-jig.
Rouge Allures are creamy and long lasting but do have quite a heavy feel, I do like the formula but I just haven’t found a really flattering shade in the range yet for me.
I really like Aqualumiere's, they are Chanel's sheer lipsticks, they are quite lightweight and have slip to them.
I’m not to keen on the hydrabase formula, as its rather dry so with the darker shades the colour tends to migrate into any little lines and can go on a bit uneven.

Rouge Allure:

Delicate 01: Its a nude pinky/peachy beige.
Silhouette- a medium rose with a mauve undertone. For me the colour is slightly too mauve and the finish of this shade is quite flat. Below is a pic
Evanescent 37: sheer to medium shimmery peach. A bit too peach for my cool toned skin .If you like shades like Nars viva las Vegas, but want the peach tone a notch up this is worth a try.

Troublant:sheer pinky beiged brown, great neutral shade but LE
Chic:I thought this would be a deep rosey brown, but it goes on way too brown on me.
Charisma 41: If I apply this very sheer I get a nice shimmery medium peach with a slight coral undertone, however this shade easily turns into a Strong coral orange peach on me if applied normally, best for warm toned girls.

Precious 39:medium vivid raspberry that can lean to fuchsia , this looks too bright and garish on me.

Prodigious 40:medium shimmery raspberry rose on me, slightly brighter than I'm use too.
Admirable 42: sheer natural shimmery soft pink. This is not a light bubblegum type pink nor is it too sheer that it washes my complexion out.
Ardent 62. In the tube this looks like a medium pinky peach with gold shimmer. When I tried it at home in natural light I get a peach with gold shimmer with a slight leaning towards orange if I apply too heavily
Rose Blossom 107: medium slightly bright cool toned shimmery pinky rose (more heavy on the pink). Picture below,
Flash Quartz 43: medium shimmery rose with a beige almost bronze undertone making it lean slightly to the warm side. The lipstick does have a more intense shimmery overlay, which is on the surface only, as below


Panarea: slightly shimmery sheer/medium brown with a slight berry tone
Stromboli is a rich plummy burgundy with gold shimmer.
Ischia: shimmery pinky mauve
Catalina 82: this is a medium reddish plum with golden shimmer, on me this leans slightly more red than plum but I think this is one of those shades that will vary quite a bit depending on lip pigmentation.
Aqualumiere Yucatan:hard to describe,slightly mauvey, pinky brown,but its not a really cold shade.This was one of my favourite shades but I dropped it down the loo when doing my makeup ( I kid you not) so it went in the bin, keep meaning to buy another one of these.
Aqualumiere Stresa:in the tube it looks like a very bright cool toned pink. Once on it’s very sheer and has an unusual icy (slightly blue toned) iridescence to it. Definitely cool toned, Stresa is great for a sheer wash of pink with a bit of difference about it
Rouge Hydrabase

Fantastic Plum: True to its name this is a deep plum matte shade. I thought I could wear this more as a stain however I find the colour changes on me and more of a pink/fuchsia tone shows through which looks rather bright.
Wild Tulip: shimmery mauvey rose,really nice shade, shame it was in the Hydrabase formula.


  1. Great post. I have one Chanel lipstick called Zanzibar - I would like to take a closer look at more of their lippies someday.

  2. Great pictures. Chanel don't seem to do many cool lip colours - the nudes mostly lean to peach, which is a pain if you're cool toned. They do make lovely lipsticks though.


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