Tuesday 18 August 2009

Illamasqua eyeshadow descriptions Part 1

I’d thought I’d update my eyeshadow descriptions as I have quite a few now. These are how the colours are on me and for reference I am pale (shade L120) and cool toned. Going through some makeup boards and blogs there does seem to be a bit of a backlash about the formula/texture differences with the shadows and I do agree that a few are not on par with others, so I will note these shades in Part 2 ( all the shades listed below have a good texture/colour payoff for me) I will also post descriptions of my other shades.
Even taking this into account, out of the many brands I have tried, Illamasqua make the best matte shades in my opinion.

Fallen -true cool toned purple
Cancan -bright purple/pink/violet
Courtesan-pale pinky purple
Geisha - pale opaque cool pink
Creep- true sheer violet
Wonder-medium mix of blue/violet
Venus - cornflower blue
Fiasco - deep cool toned teal (leading more to blue than green)
Echo-true grey
Soul -shimmery silver
Heroine, a warm medium brown
Cream shadow in Touch –slightly warm cream base colour.

Illamasqua give good descriptions of their products so here are some they gave me but please note these are not shades I own.

#Shiver - is an irridescent/ shimmer shot highlighter colour that has a slight undertone of yellowy gold.
#Rapture - A very unique purple/pink/blue Its quite dark so would be good for contouring with pink or purple shades
Cream shadows
#Hunger- all-over highlighter, shot through with a pinky gold
#Thief - A dark grey with a slight purple undertone
#Wail - A mid-toned bluey grey
#Spark - More of a brown/ nude - darker than touch

I have pictures in past posts of the shadows ( nice and new before I used them) . I have re-done my swatches again this time applying them a bit heavier to hopefully give a better reflection of the colours.

Swatches L-R: Fallen, Cancan, Courtesan , Geisha, Creep,Wonder, Venus, Fiasco, Echo, Soul. Please click to enlarge.


  1. thanks so much for this post, you have no idea how great and helpful your blog is! ♥

  2. Hi Em,
    Thanks for your kind comment, I'm glad the blog is of some help x


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