Tuesday 25 August 2009

Rituals:Home and Body Cosmetics

Whilst on a lunch break I noticed a Rituals store; I’d never heard of this brand before so thought I’d investigate. Rituals is a kind of spa brand, they sell body products, skincare, makeup and stuff for the home (laundry care, robes, tea). I instantly went towards the body section, which is divided up into three ranges; refreshing, energising and relaxing. I have really sensitive skin and have tried the cheap (Boots own brand) to the expensive (Jo Malone) in body care, and lots of the more “pure” brands such as Green people; the best brand for me is Fresh.
I am pleased to say that Rituals does not irritate my skin, scent wise they are not cloying, or overly sweet/artificial, just simple clean fresh scents.
In terms of ingredients these contain the normal ones so no paraben free, 100% organic products here, I'm afraid.
They also seem to have promos on regularly, (free products, 25% of certain items) which is a good incentive. What’s nice is that you come out the store feeling that you have treated yourself, but not with the nasty price tag.
I think my only complaint is the strange large open wicker tray they gave me when I asked for a basket, that was a rather edgy balancing act I can tell you!
So whilst I wasn’t blown away I think for the price range (shower foams are £6.25) its well worth picking up a few things when they have a promo on.
At the moment I think these are a European/UK based brand, here’s their website


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