Sunday 9 August 2009

Illamasqua, winners and a bad loser

Well I guess I must have bad timing, I placed an order from Illamasqua for the eye cake liner and sealing gel for £16 but ended up with just the cake liner for £14. I checked the site and unfortunately it does look like they have taken the combo off so you have to buy them separately.
I have always had a problem with powder eyeshadow when used as a liner,transferring at the end of the day onto my lid so it looks like I have a strange line slightly above my crease. Well I'm happy to report that the cake liner in Mislead stays put. When used dry it's a rather timid black so it's best to use with water to get a more intense look.
Next up I got another cream blush in Dixie. This looks quite bright in the pan but it's easily sheered out on the skin to your required colour intensity. Its a peachy pink coral and really looks great on the lips as well. The cream blushes have a lot of slip to them but really stay put. Swatch below.

I had to get nail polish in Baptise after all the raves and it doesn't disappoint. A deep sparkly true purple.
Lastly I decide to try an eye brow cake. I have golden blond hair and rather sparse light eyebrows. Peek looked a bit dark on the site so I opted for Instinct. Upon receiving it my initial thought was "eeeeeeeeeeeww" surely this warm toned yellow wouldn't work, well it didn't, it applies exactly like it looks in the pan. I can attest to its staying powder as it didn't budge all day but the colour is so bad. I really cannot recommend this shade; perhaps if you have red hair or are a really pale blond, but I still have my doubts, so I think this may end up in the bin.


  1. I've been meaning to say hello for ages - I love reading your blog.

    Unsurprisingly, I have that nail polish - not reviewed it as yet though. And yes, the eyeliner cake is brilliant.

    Sorry to read about Instinct. Rather than chucking it, feel free to list it on our Swap Spot - you might get something better in return.


  2. I have the sealing gel and you get two vials with it. When I get home drop me an email and I'll send you one. Too bad about the cake brow - the swatches are dreadful.

  3. Hello Helen,
    Glad you like my blog. I was tempted by Milf and Jan after seeing the great pics on your blog, but decided to be restrained for now :)
    Thanks for the heads up about your swap spot, not sure I should inflict on another for something in return though, maybe if someone from the UK wants it for nothing they can just page me through my MUA account.

    Hello Grace,
    Thanks for the offer but I don’t want to nab your stash :) .It seems to work fine with water so I know no difference. On a side note Zuneta will be getting the full range of RBR in November, in the meantime they said if there was anything I wanted just to email them and they would order it in, how dangerous is that!!

    Hello Michelle,
    Thanks for your comment, actually I think it was your great post that made me decide to order this shade, really glad I did.

  4. RE: Dixie. Really? I'm so thrilled. You're the second person to let me know that they bought this blush. I'm so glad you like it. It's become one of my favorite blushes of all time -- and I'm a blush fanatic.

  5. Now that is dangerous info re: RBR! I do like the look of the storm petrel eyeshadow and the powder blushes...


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