Friday 14 August 2009

Givenchy Les Poetiques

I don’t usually buy Givenchy but I was intrigued by the fall collection after seeing a picture of the Prismissime Eyes in Poetique Blues. Having bought a few Givenchy eyeshadows in the past I wasn’t expecting much in pigmentation and I cannot say that Poetique Blues is any different. However I am not disappointed. It combines sheer shimmery shades with varying hues of cool toned blues,violets,and silvers. Best used as lid shades and highlighters.
Naturally I wasn’t able to just buy one thing so also picked up the Poudre Libre in Poetique Orchid which is a loose powder quartet of apricot, beige, soft yellow and white (the white contains fine glitter). I will have to try this out more as I think it may not have been the best buy for my highly sensitive skin but for now the shades work well for a soft glow, although I will say I find it hard to use the shades separately so just use them all mixed together.
Finally I got the Parad’Eyes Liner in Poetique Lavender; this is a really beautiful dark shimmery almost metallic cobalt blue with a slight touch of violet. It terms of application its easy to create a fine line but I don’t think the brush deposits the colour seamlessly and I do prefer my Chantecaille liquid eye liner. That said, I would buy this again for the colour alone (swatch in lower right corner).


  1. Now I do like the look of that liner. Beautiful pictures, but I still think I can resist the eyeshadows - phew!

  2. Yes, I don't think its a must have collection, but it might be worth you having a look at the liner in the flesh if you can see it instore, although I'm sure Chantecaille have a really pretty one coming out for Fall so you may opt for that :)


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