Wednesday 5 August 2009

Fighting the Frizz!

I have always had hair prone to frizziness which has now been compounded by my one year old boy who delights in pulling my hair. This has left me with very unmanageable broken bits looking like I’m trying to start a new trend for a very strange sparse little fringe, not good! To compound this, my hair seems to get humongous at the hint of any humidity and the straitening that I had done in the morning is completely undone.
After buying a lot of different products to try and regain some sort of control I have a couple of raves.
First off Redken - Smooth Down Detangling Cream. This comes in a large tube and you only need to use a tiny amount, apply to the lengths and ends of towel dried hair and style as normal. This smooths my hair down and makes it look less big and seems to fight off the humidity effects.
Second we have Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray, I warn you this costs £26.50 for a 100ml spray but it was used on me at the hairdressers and I was so impressed I had to buy it. This is a lightweight spray that you use on dry hair. For me it makes my hair look more shiny, brighter and calms down any frizzies and makes split ends/broken bits look less visible.

So after trying a lot of similar products from a wide range of brands these two are the ones that work the best for me. They do what I want without making my hair look greasy and give me no product build up.


  1. This weather makes my wavy hair go all poufy too. I prefer creams to serums for it - serums make mine go lank. Will have to take a peek at the Redken.


  2. Glad to hear its not just me with difficult hair ;) If you do try the Redken let me know if it works for you.
    Thanks for your comment x

  3. I have curly hair which used to be really unruly and frizzy and horrible. I got my hair cut and that really helped cut down the frizz towards the bottom but not on the top.

    I've been using Herbal Essences shampoo (orange bottle) and that works a treat, makes it frizz free and super soft..and pretty cheap too!

  4. Hi Rhamnousia,

    Thanks for your comment, my frizz is concentrated on the top as well.
    I'll keep a look out for that Herbal Essences one as that sounds good :) x


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