Wednesday 19 August 2009

More Rouge Bunny Rouge

I seem to have gone on some crazy makeup binge this month and had to get my Husband to buy this for me ( unfortunately I have to pay him back) . I really like Rouge Bunny Rouge and I don't really think you could go that wrong with them.
I had to get a liquid highlighter as Grace London and Mizzworthy had rated these. I decided on Sea Of Showers after seeing how pretty it looked on Mizzworthy and having ran out of my Armani fluid sheer #2, which it looked similar too. I've only tried it once but I think we have a contender for Armani fluid sheers . This shade gives a healthy champagne golden glow. I'll do a more thorough review on these items shortly but for now the only downside is the price (£45).
I got 3 more eyeshadows, A Major - fis Minor (very sheer golden beige/muted brown), Angelic Cockatiels (shimmery honey nude), Periwinkle Cardinal (shimmery green, with silver and gold tones).
Lastly I got two more lipsticks, Tongue Tickles, sheer shimmery neutral pink ( this is the sheer formula) and Know What Lies Are For (a wearable neutral nude/beige).
I got good service again from, free Korres promo sized shower gel and some skincare samples.


  1. I really like the illuminator - the only downside to this is that it is hard to dispense a small enough amount - I put the excess into a sample pot and use from there because one pump is enough to illuminate a whole corps de ballet!

    I need that Cardinal green eyeshadow. Lovely purchases.

  2. great purchases! I think I need to look into this brand, from wht I've seen it all looks lovely and sweet packaging too!

  3. Hi Grace London,
    Cardinal green is really nice :) I know what you mean about the dispenser, although my Armani fluid sheers seems worse. I think I may have to get the Pinky liquid highlighter you got as some stage... Thanks for dropping by x

    Hello em,
    Thanks, I do really rate this brand but some of the items like the highlighters,powders,foundation are really expensive, probably best to start out with the lipsticks and eyeshadows. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my blog.


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