Thursday 22 April 2010

Becca Bombora EOTD and collection review

Sorry for the slightly delayed post, the Internet decided to not work for me yesterday, the horror!
The first look I did is with the blue liner as a lid shade and the gold as a liner and a bit of the gold used dry above the blue. (I took this at the end of the day, over 10 hours of wear and its lasted well).

The second look is as per the one in the Zuneta video, highlighting crème on lid, gold liner on inner eyelid and blue to line (I took this after about 2 hours and the highlighter is starting to crease a bit) In both looks I used a black tight lined for a bit of definition.
Although I quite like the looks I don’t like not using a crease shade so I will use an additional shadow the next time I use this palette.

Overall thoughts:
Bombora palette: The Mai Tai lip-gloss is extremely sheer; I only get a hint of a nude peach. The texture is almost balm like but it does have some stickiness/tackiness to it. The Lip & Cheek Crème in Bougainvillea, although highly pigmented can be sheered out, it’s a coral peach and lasts really well, it’s a bit too warm for me on the lips though. The Highlighting Crème in Mazu does crease on the eye, however its no marketed as an eyeshade so I can’t really complain. It’s a great cheek highlighter as there is not over the top shimmer and it’s a neutral gold, rather than being overly warm. The Raffia Eyeliner makes a really nice shadow and liner (you do need to use it wet for a liner though) the Sunburst liner is too yellow for my cool toned complexion to be able to use it as a shadow but I do like it as a liner. Both of the liners last very well and are smooth to apply with good pigmentation.

Beach tint Pink grapefruit: This is quite sheer but you can build it, it lasts really well, and I think the pinky peach shade is suitable for both cool or warm toned.

Sheer lip tint Leticia: again I think you can wear this if you are warm or cool, I'd say its almost a salmon pink on me, with a slight coral tone. Its quite pigmented for something that has tint in the name, its not very long lasting, but these types of lipstick never are.

Here are some more swatches (L-R) please click to enlarge: Beach Tint, Lip Tint, Palette (this time I have swatch the liners dry and then wet). Please see my previous Becca post for pictures of the products.
I bought all of these from and they have a promo on at the moment where you get a free Becca tote when you purchase from this collection.


  1. I love both of those eye looks - really summery and pretty.

  2. I am really lusting after this palette - I love both the looks you created too x

  3. The combination of the blue and gold looks really nice on you, so light and fresh...very pretty. And I still like the look of the beach tint, I think I'll make that my first beach tint :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Grace,
    Thanks, they are really nice summer shades,nice to wear something a bit different for a change :)

    Hi mizzworthy,
    thank you, I think you would really like this palette, your type of colours.

    Hello Nina,
    Glad you like, thanks, I do think I will get a lot of wear out of this palette. I think the beach tint would suit nearly everyone so may be a good one to start with, I'm impressed with how long it lasts. Enjoy your weekend too.


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