Sunday 4 April 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Devotion Ink & Gorgeous Double Duty Beauty Mirror

I was very impressed with my ‘Tiger Eye Essence’ so bought the ´Anthracite Essence´ (£27), which is a deep black, infused with silver sparkle. Unlike my other liner this has a long, thin brush head instead of the fibre tip one (Anthracite shown below, Tiger Essence above)
Initially I thought I would have problems with this, as the majority of liquid liners are difficult for me to apply, however I can get either a fine or thick line, and get it close to the lash line. You can reapply over it later (if you want a different look) and it applies smoothly (no bumps, flaking). Once on the colour lasts all day and still maintains its vibrancy .The colours really deliver, I find with a lot of sparkly blacks, they always apply mostly black but the sparkles in this really show up.
Swatched below: Tiger Eye Essence, Anthracite Essence
I really hope they release some more colours (only 4 at the moment)I'd love a deep sparkly emerald.
I had to get one of the new Gorgeous Double Duty Beauty Mirrors (£13.99), as I really like the RBR imagery. I got it in white and was surprised that they are quite big (still handbag,pocket sized though), it contains a normal mirror and magnifying one. A very nice little indulgence and a very study one as my little boy has got hold of this quite a few times and flung it around and its stayed intact!
I buy all my RBR from who stock it exclusively.


  1. Ah, you fell for the mirror!! I was so tempted last time I ordered something from Zuneta, it is so so pretty! And the liners look really gorgeous they sting at all? I have a sparkly liner from an Italian brand (Kiko) and it stings like hell...I've used it only twice, will have to chuck it out, really no point in keeping it, but then I'd be left without a sparkly liner, and that can't happen, can it?? Glad to see your son is going for mirrors rather than lipsticks now! xx

  2. Hi Anna,
    They don't sting but I have had other brands sting before, thought it was just me that experienced that!
    Sparkles or not you must get rid if it stings, then you will have to get a lovely new RBR one, see the logic ;)
    I think my little boy tries to get hold of anything I have,surprised I've not had more broken really! x


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