Saturday, 17 April 2010

Dolce and Gabbana EOTD

Its probably the norm to do an EOTD of a look you like but I am showing you one with my D&G Rose smooth eye colour Duo which I'm not keen on. If you saw my post on my D&G shadows you'll remember I was struggling to make this work and I still don't really like it.
The lighter colour looks too frosty and the pink is too light and bright and well pink..ugh! That said I do like the texture of the shadows, I think I just need to be a bit more careful with my shade choice in the future.


  1. For what it's worth, I don't think it actually looks bad...but you're right, these ARE tough shades to pull off. On a general note, nothing really caught my eye in the D&G line-up. Yes, the quality is excellent, yes, the packaging is glam and enticing, but nothing REALLY stands out in that "I gotta have it" way.
    Have a very nice weekend!

  2. thanks for dropping by! the ADDICTION eyeshadow in the top centre is called rigoletto, it's their best seller! you must give it a try!

  3. Hi Nina,
    Thanks! I know what you mean about D&G,they seem to have some odd or not unique colour combo's, I like the texture though so I'll keep an eye on their future releases.

    Hi NottyEvil,
    Thanks, it does look really nice, I'll make sure to put that one on my list :)

  4. You have an amazing blog. I can't believe that I've found it only now :( And this D&G shadows look amazing on you! x
    Marina from

  5. Hi Marina,

    Thanks very much, it means a lot :) I've not used that duo since I did this post, thats not good really is it.


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