Wednesday 14 April 2010

Chanel firming and shaping Gel Anti-Cellulite

I’ve only bought a few Cellulite products over the years; I think we all know that we are not going to get a miracle cure. The Chanel firming and shaping Gel-Anti-cellulite (£42) from the Body excellence range is meant to “Smooth away cellulite and tighten the skin.The star product to help break down cellulite and even out dimpled skin so you can rediscover harmonious skin that feels smooth and toned” in actuality it’s a quick fix, the gel is very slighted tinted pink and has a vague floral scent to it, it feels really tingly when you rub it in and the feeling does last for about 10 minutes, it does make the skin appear slightly tighter, smoother and less dimpled.
However I don’t think of this as a treatment, once washed off the skin returns to its sad normal state. I think if you want something that going to make the skin appear a bit better then its worth seeing if you can get a sample of this. I’m on my second bottle but I won’t be buying another as its only my husband who sees my cellulite and to be honest we have been together so long I think any perceived mystique I had has most certainly been lost.

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