Sunday 11 April 2010

Dolce & Gabbana Classic lipstick

D&G offer two types of lipsticks, Classic and Shine. I bought a Classic in the shade "Soft" (£20). Obviously buying online you never quite know what colour you get and whilst I really like the shade its darker than I thought it would be. On me it applies as a medium rose with hints of a brown/berry tone and the finish is semi matte.
It initially feels creamy and light but seems to set and does feel drying, it doesn’t however make me lips look dry it just feels it. I did notice that due to its creaminess the colour seemed to migrate a bit on application, so I think with the darker shades you may need a lip liner. On the plus side I find it very long lasting, I don’t think I will get another one as I’m not keen on how it feels but I am tempted by the shine one in the shade Naked, although I hear the formula may have the same dry feel as the Classics so we will see.

I bought this from the Selfridges website

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