Saturday 10 April 2010

Sisley Phytocernes Eye Concealer

I seem to have an obsession with under eye concealers, I love my By Terry Touche Veloutee for the outer under eye area (great lightweight/ highlighting concealer) but I am constantly searching for a more heavy coverage concealer for the inner under eye area, that is non drying. I’d seen a lot of raves for the Sisley concealer and it seemed exactly what I was looking for with its claims that it will “Diminishes the intensity of dark circles and reduces puffiness while restoring radiance to the eye contour area. Smooth away lines with soft-focus pigments “
Its really pigmented and I was surprised how quickly it set, I couldn’t blend it quick enough before it dried, it lasted all day but I found it very drying (I do have dry skin under my eyes) and it appeared patchy, unsmooth and really highlighted my lines. I bought different eye creams in an attempt to get this to work but it wasn’t happening.
I got the lightest shade (shade 1) and it was a really good match, a pink toned colour rather than yellow though. Swatch below, on the right I’ve blended it in a bit.
My mother who doesn’t have a dry eye area or dark circles is having better luck with this but if your eye area sounds like mine you may what to skip this one…I’m really annoyed that I wasted £43.50 on this, sometimes I wish we could return used cosmetics in the UK! Think I’ll just stick with Sisley eye shadows and lip products from now on.


  1. Eeek wow, that's much too pricey to me! Looks too dark for me too and if it's drying that seals the deal.

  2. Hi Lillian,
    Yes, its the most expensive concealer I have ever bought. I think you are a shade lighter than me so probably would be too dark, difficult finding a good colour match for the undereye area when your pale.

  3. hello there,
    i know this is a rather old post, i don't mean to be annoying,but i came across your blog looking for reviews on sisley eye conceler and thought i should ask you which concealer you're currently using, if you could give me some hint or advice.
    i'd been happily using dior anticernes, which has unfortunately been dicontinued since christmas and have found nothing to replace it ever since.

    thanks in advance,
    you have got a very colourful blog

  4. Hi Areth,

    I'm currently using Laura mercier secret concealer on the inner area and By Terry Touche Veloutee on the outer bit. I really like the By Terry but the LM does not provide enough coverage for me and can be a bit drying. I have ordered the new LM eye perfector though so will be reviewing that when I get it, I'm hoping I can use that on the really dark areas and put a more moisturing/lightweight concealer like By Terry over it.
    Undereye concealer is such a tricky thing so I'm hoping that this combo will work for me.


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