Friday 9 April 2010

I only went in for a Mascara.....

Back track to the Thursday before last and I thought it would be a good idea to pop into MAC on my lunch break to pick up a new mascara. This date coincided with the release of the new collections, so naturally I had to take a look. Now before I go any further I will mention that I did have a slight fever at the time so wasn’t quite with it…
This is my excuse as to why I bought a lipglass when they are probably my must hated lip gloss, when the SA tried the tester on me it didn’t feel sticky, I thought wow maybe they have changed the formula, well no they haven’t and whilst Perennial High Style is a pretty very sheer non shimmered pinky coral it is indeed very sticky/tacky. I also suddenly decided I needed a new makeup bag for the weekend and how lucky that they had some with the new collection, I didn’t ask the price and they didn’t have them out on display so I could only see it in the wrapper, in hindsight had I realised it was £24 and had no inside pattern (not sure why this bothers me but it does) I don’t think I would have got this.
I also got the lipstick in Ever Hip which is a nice sheer coral with a touch of pink and the beauty powder in shell Pearl which is a very luminous peachy pink with a gold sheen, on my pale skin it does have rather an intense glow so can look a bit over done. I also picked up a greasepaint stick in Dirty which is a very dark taupe with shimmer, unless I am doing something very wrong I find this flakes and goes on a bit patchy, I think I’ll have to keep trying with this one!
So although an unexpected haul, it wasn’t too disastrous considering it’s probably the first time I have gone makeup shopping when I felt slightly delirious.


  1. Thank you for making me laugh out loud causing my husband to wake up from his sofa-sleeping and stare at me just like the D&G SA did last week!!!! Scary! Just as scary is my lemming list, it's just getting longer and longer and longer...I felt so virtuous last Friday in Milan for not buying any make up and I've managed to resist a whole week without getting anything here either (I feel a bit guilty about constantly taking my son inside perfumeries and such!), but you're making me want some of these things so badly....especially the beauty powder...I'm having a huge blusher moment, in case you hadn't noticed!! xx

  2. PS: forgot to say, just sent u an email re: D&G blusher ingredients!

  3. Hee hee, did you even pick up a mascara? :P

  4. LOL. Make-up shopping in a fugue state is always slightly dangerous ;)

    I was tempted by the make-up bag, but I always buy my cosmetic bags in Liberty, and I'm sure they cost less there!

  5. Hi Anna,
    Thanks for the email, have replied :) I tend to write lists of stuff I want after visiting my favourite blogs,seems never ending! I did notice you have entered the blush phase, I seem to be stuck in the lipstick and concealer one at the moment ;)

    Hi Lillian,
    I did but nearly forgot it, that would have been clever of me :) got the studio fix one,seems better than their other ones.

    Hi Grace,
    I don't think I'll do it again, just glad I didn't think the scarve would be a good idea,as having checked the site its about £80, that would have been embarrasing come check out time!
    Yes, it did seem a bit costly, I hadn't thought of liberty before,wonder if they have them on their site..not that I need another one now I guess...


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