Wednesday 29 September 2010

Edward Bess: Luxury eye brush, Defining eyeliner, Nude shadow

The Luxury eye brush (£32) is different from my other eye brushes, its shaped like your traditional crease blender, but is a larger size and more dense. It also comes in its own sleek box.
This has become a "rescue" brush for me, if I have a shadow that has a bad texture this soft natural haired brush applies it so that it does not go on patchy, if I have gone and created something very wrong with an eye look in the morning, I just use this brush to blend it all and it somehow makes it work.
I know brushes aren't the most exciting thing to buy but this has definitely become a staple for me.

Almost every line has a base shade, often they can be too white, chalky, shimmery, warm or flat. Edward Bess's nude(£22) is just right. Its a neutral cream that has a subtle sheen to it, great for brightening the eye area whilst looking natural. As with my other EB shadows the formulation is smooth and silky and they wear well.
Swatches L-R: Nude shadow, deep brown defining eyeliner
The defining eyeliner (£20) has a soft smooth texture so there is no tugging, nor is it too soft so that it smudges. Deep Brown is matte and true to its name and has no red undertones like a lot of deep browns do. It lasts well, even when its humid or you get rained on.
My own slight issue is that although the automatic design means no sharpening to get to the product, it does lose its point ( I've taken my photo before sharpening it so you can see what I mean) I feel it could do with coming with one of those little sharpeners (like the Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof ones do).

Edward Bess is stocked by who ship worldwide and also stock Rouge Bunny Rouge and Hourglass amongst others.

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  1. You've reminded me that I swatched that eyeliner and thought it was lovely. The brush sounds great. It is a big brush as I remarked to you before but it felt so soft. I like the idea of a rescue brush, it sounds very handy!
    Jane x

  2. That brush looks so soft, like a kitten's tail! It would be perfect if it also purred :)! Got my first EB shadow in the post today, still have to take a pic so I haven't even swatched it!! xxx

  3. I received the brush as a GWP when I bought EB's Private Eyes collection. At first I thought the brush was a bit too large, but changed my mind as I found myself reaching for this ultra soft brush time and time again. It's great for all over base or color application and is a great blending brush. It owes it's softness and practicality to densely packed natural fur (I believe it's sable) which is shaped into a dome. I wash mine every week and just reshape it to dry. It's become my favorite brush. I smiled when I read Anna's comment about soft as a kitten's tail. Yes, Anna, it's that soft. And, although, it doesn't purr, I do when I brush it across my lids :-)

  4. Hi Jane,
    Yes I was a bit unsure about the brush at first, its a shame he doesn't do more brushes really, think its only 2 he does ? I'm looking forward to those new lipstick shades coming out from him soon,think they will be us shades x

    Hi Anna,
    Purring brush,think that would freak me out ;) which shadow did you get ? I know what you mean about not being to touch things until you have taken a pic, I do try and do that but give in sometimes, its silly really, I've got 5 news items I'ne not used yet because I cannot get a good picture of them for this blog! x

    Hi Eileen,
    I could do with you writing my reviews, as the way you explain it is spot on :) I really hope he brings out some more brushes really, well more everything, really like his line.

  5. Hehe. you'll just have to wait and see (perhaps by December I'll have taken a pic and finally tried the e/s!!) xx

  6. Hi Anna,
    I'll wait impatiently then .. ;) x


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