Friday 24 September 2010

Tom Ford Private Blend Lip Colour

The packaging matches its £35 price tag, the white and gold looks clean and luxurious, the tube has a good weight to it.
On me Pink Dusk is a slightly warmed gentle pink with a semi-matte finish. Its very pigmented and goes on almost opaque.
Its feels quite creamy, and isn't slippery. I'd say this lasts better than the average lipstick. This has a vanilla fragrance but its quite subtle.
I'm very pleased with it but I wouldn't say the performance is better than my slightly cheaper lipsticks. I am very interested to see what else gets released though as the quality is definitely there.

I bought this from Harrods but Selfridges and House of Fraser also stock them.


  1. Ahah, that "slightly cheaper" was great!! I don't know if I'm liking the white packaging, though of course Mr Ford (such a pity he likes boys, I find him quite attractive!) had to create something different from the usual black...also, it I know you said it's creamy but it looks a little dry on you hand...or perhaps I'm just finding reasons not to get one of these lipsticks! I bet you're taking advantage of Zuneta's 20%, I certainly have! ;) xx

  2. I tested these instore and the colours are so rich and gorgeous, but couldn't bring myself to part with £35 for one.

  3. The color is really pretty but like others, I can't get myself to spend 45USD on one lipstick. I do like the packaging though - simple yet chic.

  4. I really like this colour! I admire the Tom Ford lipsticks, I'd love to get one. I just have to wait until the other half isn't watching ;). I see at as necessary blog research of course! I agree with Anna though, I'm not totally convinced by the white packaging.
    Jane x

  5. I keep talking myself in and out of buying one of these... they look stunning but then I think, No! Stop the madness! Its £35... and then I see posts like this which make me want it! Ahhh!

  6. I bought one of these lipsticks in Smoke Red (I think that's the name). I love the packaging, the weight of the case and I do find the pigmentation more intense on the lips and does last longer. In Canada these are priced at $52.00 (as opposed to MAC at $20.00). The funny thing is I would like to buy a couple more - Bruised Plum & Moroccan Red. The nude pink is very pretty:)

  7. I love these lipsticks, I want eyeshadows next, please Mr Ford. They are very 'break glass in the case of emergency only' purchases, but the colours and textures are gorgeous.

  8. Hi Anna,
    I don't usually like white packaging either but this works somehow. I had the swatch on my wrist for a while as I was wandering from window to window to find a good light, so wonder if it set too much and thats why it looked dry ? Can't buy anything until pay day I'm afraid as just bought the Chantecaille tiger palette! let me know what you order from Zuneta x

    Hi Meeta,
    I know what you mean, its has to be a must have shade really for the price.

    Hi Kristie,
    I'm sure the price puts a lot of people off, I do wonder if they went a bit too high.

    Hi Jane,
    I think this is the only colour that would be wearable for me which is probably a good thing considering the ££ but I think some of the richer shades would work well on you as I think you can pull off more intense colours x

    Hi Mizzworthy,
    I kept holding off as well but finally gave in, I don't have much makeup resolve :)

    Hi Anna,
    That is quite a leap in price from MAC, still I think it your really like it then its worth it, I did like the look of the darker shades from online swatches I have seen but I think I am a bit too timid for them :)

    Hi Grace,
    Well it was your review and pictures that caused me to want this in the first place so I knew it would be a hit. I'd be very interested if he bought out eyeshadows too, I like your analogy ;)

  9. I love white and gold packaging!!

  10. Hi Ra,
    It does look very clean and modern, though I think I prefer their newer darker packaging, bit more sleek :)


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