Sunday 5 September 2010

Rouge Bunny Rouge Abyssinian Catbird

The texture of RBR shadows puts a lot of similar priced brands to shame. They are highly pigmented, smooth, creamy, feel comfortable on, blend and last extremely well. I was initially hesitant about buying Abyssinian Catbird (£22) as I thought it would be too warm for my cool toned complexion.
However I'm glad I did as I think this is one of my favorite RBR shadows.
The colour is a deep, almost metallic, mix of brown/bronze with golden highlights and in some lights looks like it has a hint of olive. Simply put, its stunning.

RBR is available from who ship worldwide.


  1. nice, very very nice. The brand looks great, but £22 for one eye shadow is a lot, even though I know I'd pay it if the quality was good enough and it seems like it is! Would have loved to have seen a pic of what it looks like on you!x

  2. Aww, beautiful!! Can't believe I don't own this shade myself already :( Have fun with it, lol, I'm gonna join you some fine day!

  3. This is one of my favorite RBR shadows too! I love the complexity of the color and the ultra smooth texture! Would love to see a photo as well of this with your pretty eyes.

  4. I caved and just ordered it...such a sheep but I don't care!x

  5. I was just looking at my RBR shadows today thinking that I haven't given them any love lately and then you go and post about RBR so surely that's a sign: have to get some more ;) !!! Which reminds me I have to ask u about brushes... xx

  6. I recently took advantage of a special offer on Zuneta and a had a little "splurge". Their service is amazing and my order arrived in 4 days from London to Toronto. I bought their Succulence of Dew lipstick in Murmurings which is a beautiful colour that I think would look good on anyone. I also bought Hues of Enchantment in Nothing Unknown which unfortunately was so pale on me. A problem when you buy on line. I bought three eyeshadows one of them Abysinnian Catbird. It is an amazing colour and the textures are incredible. RBR is not cheap but it is worth a splurge once in awhile.

  7. Great post, the first two sentences say it all! ;)
    Enjoy this one, I 'm sure you 'll love it! :)


  8. Well, I can buy it know you've done the leg work for me ;). I'm really pleased to hear this will work and not look to warm. It sounds like a beautiful complex shade. Thanks for the review.

    By the way, Rue de Passy has been ordered. You may get an email from Debenhams with the sale preview offer, I'm not sure it worked though. Did you manage to resist over the weekend, that's the real question?
    Jane x

  9. Hi Stelliestellina,
    LOL, you have the same makeup will power as me :) I'll look forward to hearing your thoughts on it.

    Hi Sam,
    I do think you would like it,we have probably got quite a large RBR collection between us!

    Hi Jv,
    I will try and do an EOTD look with it soon, I will be doing a review of their powder highlighter soon so will post them at the same time :)

    Hi Anna,
    I know what you mean, I often get sidetracked then will "find" something in my makeup up drawer (yes I have moved onto a drawer) I do have a scary amount of brushes, I should do a photo of them at some point, so any questions just ask xx

    Hi Anna,
    Zuneta are really good, shame a lot of other sites don't offer such good service! Sorry to hear about Nothing Unknown, I actually finished that one up recently! It is so hard to tell when ordering online, I don't have pigmented lips, so it probably wasn't as pale on me. What colour is Murmurings ? don't think I have that one, you have me intrigued :)

    Hi Tina,
    Thanks :) I do think its a recommend all shade.

    Hello Jane,
    Yes, I think it will have to go on your next order :)Thanks for the Debenhams email, I as of yet have not ordered as I saw that Shu post on with the 20% off code (I assume you have already seen this, it expires on the 7th code is elle20) so ordered lipsticks that I don't need. I really want to see the Guerlain in person, so am going to try and hold out till Saturday, if you get your palette before then can you let me know if its worth it please x

  10. Wow that shade is soooo beautiful!!!
    Lovely blog.

  11. Hi Sam
    Its probably a good thing they don't release many new products :)

    Hello Rakhshanda,
    Thanks :) off to have a look at yours.

  12. Looky, looky what arrived today: packaging and inside. It's really hard to get the inner packaging open though. I'll do a post as soon as I can but thought you'd like a sneak peak ;).

  13. oh how strange, I had only just commented to you saying I had hoped you would have got it!
    Thanks so much for the pictures..pretty... so I'll no doubt have trouble opening it as well! I'm not to sure which one I will end up with yet, I'll let you know tommorow x

  14. Wow, these shadows look so beautiful on you! I've just started going through your RBR posts, and you are undoubtedly the RBR queen! Thanks for all the info x

  15. Hello dempss01,
    Thanks so much. Yes, you could say I have a bit of an RBR obsession ;)


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